If you think that you can withdraw someone’s Sassa payments after he or she died, then you are wrong. This is actually not legal to withdraw someone else’s payments from their grant. And, if he dies you need to report it so that the payments can be stopped.

However, people think that as long as Sassa is making payments, they can use the money. Even if the person has died. If you are doing this or thinking about withdrawing money from a deceased person’s account, you might want to read it here first. This might prevent you from getting into serious trouble.

Can you take your parent’s Sassa payments after they die?

Your parents got old age Sassa payments each month. Now, one of them has died. The payments are still being made into the account of the beneficiary. Does this mean that you are allowed to take the money instead of your parents?  The money is paid, so why not use it for your own personal benefit?

There is no way that it’s legal to take someone else’s grant money after they have died. And, it is essential to report the death of a family member to Sassa head office. The only reason why the payments are still being made is because they didn’t get the death notification.

It is a criminal offence not to report a person’s death

Another essential thing that you need to know is that not only is this a criminal office to take a grant from someone that died, but it is also a criminal offence not to report the death to Sassa. If you know that someone has died and Sassa wasn’t notified, it is your responsibility as a family member to report it.

There are so many Sassa payments that are getting paid to people that actually have died. Money that is actually for the needy, going to someone else who doesn’t need it. This is why Sassa has asked everyone to report a death to the Sassa offices if you know that they received any grant payments.

Sassa normally cancels the grant automatically

Normally, Sassa will cancel the grant automatically. This is because home affairs will send all death notifications through to their head office. Letting them cancel the grant of a deceased person.

The problem is that home affair doesn’t always send the notifications out to the grant office. And, if they do, they are sending it months later. This is the only reason why payments are still being made to diseased people. This is why they requests that people are reporting the death of a family member to Sassa after one month when payments continue. You just need to phone the Sassa office and report the death. Or, you can take the death certificate to the office nearest to you.

Thousands of grants are still being paid out after beneficiaries died

Sassa did some calculations and find that more than 214 000 people are still receiving Sassa payments after they have died. And, most of these deceased recipients withdraw their money each month. It is also been reported that more than 89 000 people during the last six months with the SRD grant received their grants, even after they died.

These are all possible because family members are taking the money instead of the deceased person. These are all crime that was committed. Fraud by family members is withdrawing money from diseased people.

Need to report the death of a family member

This is important to report the death of a family member to Sassa. It is also important to report the death of a family member to home affairs as well. You can’t legally use the money of a diseased person. A person that died, accounts are getting frozen. Until all his debts and his will are sorted out.

It is better to rather do it the legal way than trying to get away with withdrawing money from a dead person’s account. You might be in serious trouble, that isn’t even worth the money you have withdrawn.

Social grant payments after death are not transferrable | Brakpan Herald

When a Sassa beneficiary dies, you need to report it as soon as possible to the head office. To think that you can withdraw their grant money before you report their death is a criminal offence. And, you can get in serious trouble. Too many people are still getting their grant payments, even after their deaths. Just so that family members can take the money instead of the legal beneficiary. We need to make sure that you know the truth before you withdraw money illegally.