Warning: Sassa warns against new R700 grant scam

You will notice that with Sassa there is a new scam every week. We don’t understand why fraudsters are targeting Sassa recipients, but this does happen all the time. The latest scam is known as the R700 grant scam. Where you can apply for an additional R700 grant if you are already a recipient of any Sassa grants.

This is really important that when you read something on social media, that you are making sure of your facts before you just fall for these scams. It can be dangerous and you will lose your existing grant payments as well. This is the information we have about the R700 grant scam.

Yet another scam to be aware of. The new R700 grant scam

As you might know by now is that there are always new scams on the market. Especially Sassa scams where the most vulnerable people are targeted. Especially those that aren’t using social media or the internet to stay on top of all the latest news from Sassa.

We have heard about the new R700 grant scam. This is for people that have any of the given social grants available. This means that you can get your social grant payments, but you will also get the new R700 grant payment. This is really a scam and you need to stay away from these scams.

Additional grants available for recipients on social media

These additional grant advertisements are all over social media. Especially on the Sassa sites that are hacked. Because you will not know that the social media site has been hacked, you will read the notification about the additional grant for recipients. This is known as the R700 grant, similar to the SRD R350 grant.

You should never believe what you read on social media. Even with something as important as social grants. You should always make sure that you know the truth. Any announcements will be made on the Sassa and SRD Sassa website, and not just on social media

Fake news, be aware of the R700 grant scam

We are saying it again. The R700 grant payout is a scam. A scam where they are getting all your personal information at. Make sure that you are losing the South African grant payments that you are already getting.

Fake news and fake advertisements, especially from Sassa are getting more popular, and more people fall for this type of scam. You should make sure that you know when there is fake news and announcements, and when you can get some money back.

There is no grant that has an R700 grant payout

Make sure that you understand this. There is no grant that has an R700 grant payout. If you get any notification for a new grant that has an R700 payout, or you read it on any social media platform, you need to know that this is fake. There is not any South African grant that is near R700, and they didn’t change the SRD grant from R350 to R700.

There might be some rumors of new grants, and the SRD grant becoming permanent. However, there aren’t any official announcements yet, and you should only look at the official Sassa website for any announcements.

The only grants that are being offered at the moment

If you don’t know what grants are available, it will be easier to fall for the R700 grant scam. There are only 8 permanent grants, and 1 temporary grant at the moment. If you know these grants, you will see that the announcement on social media is a scam. These are the only grants you can apply for at the moment.

  • Older person grant
  • Child support grant
  • Care dependency grant
  •  Grant in aid
  • War veteran’s grant
  • Foster child grant
  •  Disability grant
  • The R350 temporarily SRD grant

What to do when you see an advertisement that you might consider be fake

What should you do when you see the advertisement for the R700 grant scam? You should report it to the police or to the Sassa office immediately.  They need to know about these scams and need to take action before people are getting scammed out of their grant payments.

If you see an advertisement that might be a scam, you should contact the Sassa helpline for more information. Especially, if you don’t see the announcement on their official website.

SASSA News – SASSA Warns Against R700 Grant – Latest Global Opportunities (empowermentopportunities.com)

Yes, you read right. Another Sassa scam is out there. This is the R700 grant scam where they say you can now apply for the latest Sassa grant, and that the payout is R700 instead of the SRD payment which is only R350. It is important to know that there isn’t such a grant available, and there isn’t going to be one in the near future. If you are seeing an advertisement about a grant payout, and you aren’t sure if this is real or not. Rather phone the Sassa offices to find out the truth. Otherwise, you might be scammed and your personal information is stolen.