The ultimate face-off between DSTV and online streaming services

A couple of years ago, if you want to watch the latest television shows and sports events, you needed to pay for DSTV. This was our only option to watch movies and series. However, now we can choose between different streaming services. You just need to know if you should use DSTV or if you should consider switching to online streaming services.

We have all the information and answers so that you can decide which option is best for you. You don’t need to pay high fees anymore, just to watch the latest movies and series. We are telling you everything you need to know.

Get to know online streaming services

Yes, many people don’t understand online streaming services. Or, that doesn’t know that they can make use of streaming services to watch series, movies, and even sport online. Without paying for the high DSTV subscription services.

Streaming services are a lot cheaper than the DSTV option. The only thing that you need is the right subscription and a stable internet connection. Then, your watching experience will become endless. There are many different streaming services available. Some are free where you have limited options to watch. Or, you can make use of a subscription service, where you pay a small amount each month, and you have a huge selection of movies, series, etc. to watch.

Why people are still paying high fees on DSTV

When you are looking at the statistics of people watching DSTV and those making use of streaming services, you will realize that the DSTV option is still the most popular.  But why? Not only is this service really expensive, but you also don’t have access to all the latest movies and series. You need to wait until it arrives on DSTV before you can watch it.

The main reason why people are still paying the high fees on DSTV and not making use of streaming services is that they don’t know what options are available. They don’t realize that you can still watch sports without DSTV and you can watch all the local series and movies without missing out on anything.

The Pros and cons of DSTV and the streaming services

It is important to know the pros and cons of DSTV and the other online streaming services before you make your final decision if you want to choose DSTV or streaming services.

These are the pros and benefits of using a DSTV subscription:

  • You have everything you need from movies and series to sports with one subscription.
  • Local series and movies of different languages are available
  • With the new decoders, you can record the episodes that you are missing
  • There are many repeats if you might have missed something

These are the pros and benefits of using online streaming services:

  • It is cheaper than DSTV
  • There are a lot of different options and packages available you can choose from
  • You might find a free service for watching movies and series online
  • You can watch anything at any given time. The shows are on repeat

Cons of buying and using DSTV:

  • It is expensive, and not many people can afford it
  • They don’t have the latest movies and series available
  • You need to have a special decoder and satellite in order to watch DSTV

Cons of making use of online streaming services:

  • You will need to have a good internet connection
  • You might need to pay different subscriptions in order to watch all your favorite series, movies, and sport
  • It can be difficult to choose the right online streaming service

Conclusion. DSTV or online streaming services?

Now the final question. Which option is best for you? The DSTV subscription or the online streaming services? Some so many people are still making use of the DSTV services, but not because it’s their choice. They are doing it because they think that they don’t have other choices.

If we compare the different online streaming services with the DSTV subscription, the online streaming services are winning all the way. Not only are they cheaper than the rest, but they are also offering a lot more features than DSTV. Before you decide which one you want to use, it is recommended that you are doing your homework first. Make sure that you know which service will benefit you the most.