The best and worst mobile network

This is something that most South Africans want to know.  What is the best and worst mobile network you can choose?  We all know that you can choose between Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom mobile.

If this is the first time that you need to make a decision about which network to use, then you should consider this: You will get more value for money if you are using one of the best mobile networks instead of a network that will only give you problems, even if they are cheaper in prices.  These are for sure the best and worst networks in South Africa.

How do experts decide which is the best and worst mobile network in South Africa?

Before we tell you about the best and worst phone networks, you need to understand how it is getting decided about the best mobile network.  They don’t just ask a couple of people what their favorite network is and then decide that this is the best network on the market.

They are looking at data speed, the consistency of the data speed, prices of data and voice calls, and consumer reports and reviews.  When you are comparing all these, you will clearly see that there is one network that is standing out from the rest.  And one that you might want to avoid.

And, the best mobile network is…

The best mobile network in South Africa is MTN.  Not only do they have the most users, but their data is the fastest and stays consistent throughout the day and during peak times.  Their download speed is average at 55,11Mbps, and their upload speed is a huge 22,78Mbps.  The quality score is 9,68 out of 10.  The next network that comes in second is Vodacom, with a download speed of 29,80Mbps, and an upload speed of 10,97Mbps.

This wasn’t decided by just a one-speed test of each network.  The report was based on more than 300 000 speed tests by different mobile services over a period of time.

Looking at call rates, MTN might not be the cheapest, but they have the best coverage and the best customer service as well.  Their fees are reasonable, and they are offering different packages for pay-as-you-go and contract.

So, MTN is for sure the best network in South Africa.

The worst that you can use will be:

Considering everything we mentioned above, the worst mobile network is Cell C.  Not only don’t they have good coverage all over South Africa, but their fees are also higher.  In the excellent coverage area, their data download speed is 17,82Mbps, and their upload speed is 8,67Mbps.  Giving them a network quality score of just 3,74.

They also have the least number of users, and when looking at the reviews, they are also doing the worst.  However, there is another mobile data network that you need to know about.

With data and mobile internet, there is another network to know about

When it comes to mobile data networks, there are other mobile networks that you need to know about.  You can only make use of this network for data and the internet.  They don’t offer any calls or SMS deals.  We are talking about Rain.

If you are comparing Rain with MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, and Telkom mobile, Rain is the worst.  Not only are their customer service poor, but their download speed is also terrible and not consistent at all.  The average download speed is only 10,02Mbps, and the upload speed is 9,44Mbps.  This is where there is good coverage.  Giving them a network quality score of just 3,75.

The best and worst mobile networks in South Africa (

The best mobile network is, for sure, MTN.  They are winning by far in more than one area.  The worst complete network is Cell C, while Rain is the worst mobile data network in South Africa.  So, if you are using MTN, then you are at the right provider that will give you the most value for money.  And Cell C will give you the most problems in the long run.