Telkom landlines are out; VoIP is the latest trend

Telkom landlines are out, VoIP is in. This is good news for many people who hate using Telkom but don’t have any other choice.

The problem is that there are many people that don’t know what VoIP is all about, and they don’t know why they should switch from Telkom to this new service. You don’t need to worry about the bad service you are getting from our landline providers. You can choose different offerings from Voice over Internet Protocol services after knowing what this service is all about.

Why do landlines become a hassle these days?

Why do so many people hate landlines in South Africa? Why are people always looking for new providers that they can use instead of the landline provider?

Firstly, most of the time, the landline cables are getting stollen. Meaning that even if you are paying for a service, you will not get the service you pay for. If a cable is stolen, you will not have access to your phone or the internet. And, it can take a long time before you can get connected again. This is why landlines have become a hassle, and VoIP is getting more popular.

Getting to know VoIP

What the hell is VoIP? And, why is this something that you should consider over a landline? If you don’t know more about VoIP, you will not know why you should consider it and why this is so much better than your normal Telkom landline.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol. It actually just means that you can talk to anyone, making use of the internet instead of using a landline. It has the same functions as the landline, but it has the difference that there is no chance that the cables can be stollen. Why? Because there aren’t any cables involved. Normally, you can choose from different options, paying a monthly fee according to the needs of your phone usage.

Reasons why Telkom landlines aren’t working anymore

If you ever have used a Telkom landline for internet or calls, you don’t need to wonder why it isn’t working anymore. Why people are looking for better service and better value for money. However, if you need to choose between VoIP and a landline, you might want to know more about these reasons. The reasons why you should rather avoid Telkom and consider another method like the Voice over Internet Protocol.

  • You will still be paying for long-distance calls. And, the long-distance calls can become really expensive
  • Landlines are more offline than online. Because of cable theft that is happening all over South Africa
  • For a landline, you can only use Telkom; for VoIP, you can choose the provider that has the best service
  • Reading reviews, you will see that Telkom doesn’t have the best reputation. Many people are reporting problems with their service delivery.

Advantages of using VoIP

There are many reasons why you should consider Voice over Internet Protocol instead of the old landline phones. If you don’t know these advantages, you will find it hard to know why this is something to consider.

  • The costs are much lower for VoIP than for landline calls and phone renting
  • You have more options in choosing phones
  • You will have complete portability; you can take the phone anywhere with you
  • No worries about landline cables getting stolen.

The line is more affordable

If you already have a steady internet connection via fiber or Wi-Fi, then the fees for VoIP are so much cheaper. You don’t need to pay for installation, and you will not have any problems with stolen cables.

Because there is less maintenance done with Voice over Internet Protocol, the payments around it are more affordable. Especially if you are making use of a quality and reliable internet connection. Making it more affordable to have than to get a cellphone contract and struggle with bad lines and bad phone connections.

Landlines are out – VoIP is the new norm | RSAWEB

Why do you still struggle with Telkom landlines if you can switch to something easier, faster, and better? Most people still using landlines don’t know better options are available. We are talking about Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. If you have a strong internet connection, this is something that you really can consider. It is cheaper, easier to get, and you won’t have as much downtime as with a landline.