Switching to another network, porting your cellphone number

You might have used a cellphone number from a certain network for years. But, now, the network might have gotten expensive, or you aren’t satisfied with their service anymore. So, the next best thing is to switch networks.

The problem is that if you are switching networks, you are normally going to get a new cellphone number. Something that not many people want. However, now you can keep your number, but you change networks. Yes, this is really possible, and you just need to know how to get it done correctly. Here is everything you need to know about switching to another network and porting your cellphone number to the new network.

What is porting your cellphone number mean?

For those that don’t know what port your cellphone number means, we are going to give you a quick guide. Porting your number means switching to a new cellphone network but keeping your old phone number. Making it easier to keep connected with everyone without resending your new phone number to everyone.

Having a new cellphone number in your professional lives and personal lives can be a real problem. The best thing that you can do is switch networks and keep your old number. We will tell you exactly how you can do this without any problems.

Benefits of porting your number to another network

You might be surprised about the benefits of porting your cellphone number to another network. Especially if you have a business or have clients who are contacting you all the time. These are some of the most important benefits of porting your number.

  • You will keep the same phone number you have had for years. But you don’t need to stay on the same cellphone network.
  • Porting charges aren’t as expensive as you might think. Yes, you will pay for porting. Still, the fees are minimal, especially compared to the benefits of keeping your number.
  • The process of porting isn’t as hard as you might think. We are going to give you a full guide.

Methods for switching to another network, taking your cellphone number with you

It is important to know how to port your cellphone number to another network. Especially, if this is the first time that you are doing it. You just need to follow the guide we are giving you here.

Port to Telkom

To port an old number to Telkom, you don’t need to worry. The steps are simple, and you will have your new contract with your old number shortly.

  • Buy your new sim card and Rica it as usual.
  • From your old sim, you just need to SMS “ PORTME#ID number#ICCID# to 081 160 7678. For those who don’t know the ICCID code, this is the 20-digit number on the new SIM.
  • Your sim will go offline from the old provider. It normally takes one or two days. Then, you can just insert your new Telkom Sim into your phone, and you should be connected.

If you have any problems with the porting, you need to phone Telkom’s customer service.

Porting your cellphone number to MTN

To port your old cellphone number to an MTN sim card, you follow the same steps as Telkom. The only difference is the SMS that you need to send. You need to follow this in order to get connected with your old number.

  • From the existing number you want to keep, you need to SMS “PortMe# new MTN number to 0837678287.
  • You will receive a confirming SMS
  • Within 24 hours, you can insert your new MTN sim card into your mobile device.
  • You need to dial 136 to activate your old sim with your new number.

Port to Cell C

Porting your old cellphone number to Cell C is easier than the other two methods we already discussed. Here, you just need to do the following.

  • SMS your new Sim serial number to 084 767 8287
  • You will receive two confirmation SMSs
  • Wait for the old sim to lose network and insert a new sim into your phone

Port to Vodacom

When you want to port your old cellphone number to Vodacom, you are following the exact method that you would have for Cell C. The only difference is that you need to SMS the word Portme and your new sim number to 082 767 8287.

You will get two confirmation SMSs. One is for the confirmation, and the other is the date for the porting. After the date for porting, you need to dial 136 to activate your sim.


Switching cellphone networks but keeping your existing cellphone number is possible. This is called porting. With each network, there are different porting steps you should follow. We tell you everything there is to know about porting and how you can do it simply and effectively. Now, you won’t have a problem using a new number that you need to notify everyone.