Streaming services for South Africans you might not know about

We all know that our South African channels aren’t the best.  We are always looking for the latest TV series and movies.  And, with our television channels, we just don’t get that.  This is why so many people are making use of streaming services.

But, if you don’t know where to find the best streaming apps, you won’t be able to enjoy all the best movies and series that are available.  This is why we are making sure that you know what is all the streaming services for South Africans that you might not know about.  There are more services than just Netflix and Showmax.

Streaming services explained

Before we can tell you the different streaming services, you need to know and understand streaming apps first.  These services or apps give you different series and movies that you can watch.  Most of these series and movies aren’t available on our television channels yet.

The legal services have a fee payable.  The prices range from really cheap to reasonable and expensive.  You should look at the ones that you can afford.  And before you subscribe to a service, you need to make sure that you research the app to make sure that your favorite movies and series are available.

Why do people want to switch to streaming services?

So many of us will rather stay home and enjoy movies and shows.  And, because of the limited offers that we have when it comes to channels and the latest shows, we tend to look for other streaming possibilities.

If we are getting interesting shows on our channels, we know that this isn’t the latest season.  We are always one or two seasons behind.  And, this isn’t really fun for series benchers.  With movies, we are always getting the movies three to four months after it was released in other countries.  With a streaming channel or app, you will get to see the movies as they are released.

There are many different streaming options available in South Africa, but you might not know all of them.  Most people choose between Netflix and Showmax.  However, there are other, cheaper options available.

Acorn TV

You should not forget about Acorn TV.  This is an American subscription video streaming service.  They are offering programs from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other commonwealth countries.  There is a huge selection of movies and shows, including reality shows, that you can enjoy watching.  This is one of the most popular subscription services in America.

At the moment, you can enjoy Acorn TV for a subscription of R79 per month.  It can increase at any given time, so make sure that you know the fee before signing up.

Amazon Prime

Most of us that are using the internet know that we can buy from Amazon.  However, did you know that Amazon also has one of the best streaming services online?  It is called Amazon Prime.  Even if this is limited to shows and movies that are only produced by Amazon Studios and licensed as Amazon originals.  However, there are still many enjoyable series and movies available.

They are also affordable, and most households will be able to afford the subscription service.  The only thing that you need to make sure about is that your internet connection is strong enough to prevent buffering.  Their services are R79 at the moment.


Yes, eVOD is a South African subscription service where you are getting all the local entertainment from series, movies, and documentaries.  There is something for everyone.  English, Afrikaans, and African languages are available.  There are also some old international series and movies that you can enjoy watching.  All the old favorites that you want to watch again.

The good news is that this streaming app is completely free.  This is one of a few streaming services that are legal and free to use.  However, you need to know that you will not be able to see all the latest series, seasons, and movies here.

Streaming services Disney + coming soon

For South Africans, this is one of the best streaming services that are going to start this year.  Disney + will show all the latest and previous Disney movies, series, and documentaries.  And we all know that there are many of these movies and series available from Disney.

The streaming service was launched on the 18th of May 2022.  However, it will be available for South Africans from June or July 2022.  They estimate that the fees will be between R100 and R150 per month.  If you are a Disney fan, then you can look forward to the new service.

Tips for finding the right streaming services for your family

It is important to keep it legal.  When you are choosing any of these streaming services or other services, you need to make sure that this is legal.  Most of the time, a legal subscription service is asking for a fee.  In rare cases, there isn’t a fee payable.

You should make sure that you are able to watch a large variety of shows and movies before you pay for a subscription service.  This is why a trial is always best to use before you start paying.  To make sure that you are going to get value for money.

All South Africa’s Streaming Services… What They Offer And Cost! (

Streaming services in South Africa aren’t as good as the international ones.  And, because we are limited in watching the latest movies and series, we tend to subscribe to different subscriptions.  But you need to make sure that when you use a subscription service that it is legal and that you are able to watch a large variety of different series and movies.  We are assisting you in finding the services that you might not know about or that you are unsure about.