South Africa’s data versus the rest of the world

We are all struggling to find affordable data. To purchase a small amount of data is expensive. If you want affordable data you need to purchase a large quantity at a time. However, then the data expires normally within 30 days, and not everyone can afford to purchase large quantity prices.

We all know that the network operators were forced to lower their data prices, but for most people, it is still too expensive to have. We were doing some research to see why South Africa’s data are so expensive. And we are comparing it to the rest of the world to see if this is really as expensive as what we might think. Now you will know the truth about our data versus the rest of the world.

How do our data prices compare to the rest of the world?

The truth is that our data prices, especially per 1GB aren’t cheap. If we are looking at the rankings of the prices of data and the internet, then we will see that South Africa ranks 136 worldwide when it comes to the cheapest. Making us for sure one of the more expensive countries to buy data at. Even with our different network operators.

We have a couple of networks that we can use to purchase data. With Cell C at the cheapest, and Vodacom the most expensive, not everyone can afford to purchase 1GB of data anymore.

Did you know that our data is one of the most expensive in the whole of Africa?

When you are looking at Africa, you will be surprised to know that we are one of the most expensive with our data prices. We might think that other African countries which are poorer have more expensive data. However, this is the opposite. Our fees are a lot higher than in other African countries.

Our average price for 1GB of data is R78,5. Nigeria is asking an average of only R21,26 for 1GB. Namibia is the most expensive with R155,50 for 1GB. As you can see Nigeria is a lot cheaper than South Africa for their data. And, we are wondering why? And, is there something that South Africans can do to get their data prices lower?

Reasons why our data are more expensive than other countries

The problem is that there isn’t much information available that explains why South Africa is more expensive with their data than most other countries. Why we are laying 136th under the cheapest data prices.

Most people think that this is because our infrastructure is a lot more underdeveloped than other countries. Or, they have much more competitors than us. The truth is that we don’t really know or understand why our data are so much more expensive, but we all know that it will not get cheaper very soon.

South Africa data rates from different network operators

What are South Africa’s data rates at the moment? And, how does it differ from each other? We have done the research and found these average data prices from our top network operators.

  • Our average data price is R78,5. This is the average of all the popular networks.
  • Cell C is the cheapest at the moment. Their data prices are an average of R65 per 1GB. MTN and Vodacom charge the same at R85 for 1GB.
  • The second is Telkom which offers 1GB of data and an additional 1GB of night surfer data for R79. But Telkom doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to signal strength and customer service.
  • Rain is also offering a data packet. You can get uncapped 4G for only R299 per month. However, they don’t even have customer service, and their signal is very poor.

Data prices from the US, UK Australia, and Germany

Now you know what South Africa’s average data prices are. Now, we are going to give you some of the other countries’ data prices per 1GB. Gives you an idea about our prices versus the rest of the world.

  • The UK charges the least per 1GB of data. It is an average of about R37,12.
  • The US is asking for the highest prices of about R105,5 per 1GB. The data price is subject to sales tax. This ranges from state to state, so some states will offer cheaper rates than other states.
  • In Australia, they are asking R80,73 per 1GB and in Germany, they are only asking R60,91. Making these two countries a lot cheaper than the US, but more expensive than the UK.

If you are looking at data prices in these countries, you will find that the UK is the least expensive, while the US is the most expensive.


Conclusion. South Africa’s data versus the rest of the world

Yes, our data prices aren’t cheap. And, if you want to purchase just a small amount of data, you are going to pay even more. The more data you are buying the cheaper it becomes.

We don’t know the real reason why our data costs are so much higher than in other countries. And that we are one of the most expensive countries in Africa. The question remains how long will we be able to afford the data before we can’t go online anymore?