South African grant. Changes on the cards

There is some good news for people that receive any of the South African grant. Also known as Sassa grants. There are some changes that are going to be announced very soon. This will be all about easier access to your money and extended coverage for people.

It is important to make sure that you are always staying on top of the grant news and announcements. These were recently released by the Social Development minister.

Working on expanding the venues of South African grant

According to the minister of social developments, Lindiwe Zulu, there are some changes that will be announced very soon. This will be able the avenues through which grants are getting paid.

One of these methods will include mobile phones and new stores where you can collect your South African grant. There aren’t any changes at the moment, but she said that there are changes coming. Making it easier for people to access their grants without losing a day at work.

The question and answer session revealed problems

With the latest question and answer session in the parliament, it was told that more than 328, 000 beneficiaries had still not collected their R350 South African grant. This was only during the first cycle when the SRD grant was announced. The data was collected at the end of April 2021.

Since then, there is another 442, 000 beneficiaries that didn’t collect their grants for the second cycle that were from August 2021 to March 2022. This means that a lot of people that didn’t receive their SMS could collect their grants. Or, they didn’t know where to collect their grants. If you don’t withdraw your money within three months, the grant is automatically canceled and the money paid back to Sassa.

More stores where you can get your South African grant

Because they saw during the first cycle there are problems with collecting grants, they decided to make more pay points available for payments. This is especially for the SRD grant payments. This is why you can now collect your South African grant at certain Pick n Pay stores, boxers, Checkers, Shoprite, and Usave. Anyone can collect their grants at these stores now.

But now Sassa also approved that the Spar group is also allowed to give out Sassa grant payments to recipients. So, besides the mentioned stores, Spar and the Post office, you will be able to collect payment without problems. For SRD grant payouts, you just need to wait for your SMS. More stores will be announced very soon, and an update about the Spar group will be given in the near future.

Medium- and long-term plans for Sassa

Giving more places where people can collect their South African grants, isn’t the only difference that Sassa wants to make. There are some medium and long-term plans that you should know about as well.

Sassa is working hard to change some Sassa plans over the medium and long-term. Providing different payment methods is just one of these plans. One of these plans Sassa has is to introduce payments through mobile phones. And, to offer some other options for receiving grants as well. These announcements will be made in due course.

Extended coverage coming soon

Essential information that you need to know is the extended coverage that is coming soon. There are some ongoing policy development changes that will be announced in the next couple of months. This is to spesifically assist pregnant and lactating women. And, the institutional mechanisms and the cost of these changes that will be made.

They are also making sure that all the needs of poor children are met. To ensure that the social protection needs of children are being met.

Applying still stays the same at the moment

Applying for the South African grant, and the SRD grant is still the same at the moment. There are going to be some changes done over the next couple of months, because of the way you need to apply. They are planning to make the applications easier, but make it easier to control all applications.

There are too many people that are faking their information just to get a couple of Rand to buy their necessary items. They will make accessing the applications easier, but more strict so that fraud can’t be done with Sassa anymore.

Grant changes coming for South Africa – including easier access and extended coverage (

South African grant is going to change over the next couple of months. There are some announcements that will be made by the minister of social development. It is important to follow these changes and announcements so that you can know what to expect with the grant and the payments of the Social grant.