Sassa warns about fake voucher

South Africa is full of scams, and illegal ways of making money on innocent people. People that struggle financially themselves, are getting scammed in the small amount of money they have. Sassa warns about a new scam that was bought under their attention. The fake voucher for food parcels.

This is a voucher that you can apply for. A voucher that you can use for getting cheaper food or to buy something you desperately are looking for. However, you need to be very careful to give any personal information to anyone. This is the information you need to know about the new voucher that people are applying for, which is actually fake.

Serious warning from Sassa about applying for fake vouchers

Now and then some people are advertising fake vouchers for people that are getting Sassa grants. And, this is something that you really need to be careful of.

  • The latest scam is a voucher for people receiving the R350 SRD grand.
  • Meaning that you can apply online for a voucher and you will be able to get cheaper food. This isn’t any legit voucher and just a money-making scheme.
  • This is all just about getting your personal information.

Poverty Alleviation Voucher is fake

No matter where you have read about the poverty alleviation voucher, this is fake. Twitter messages are going around from Sassa that you can apply for this voucher now to get the lowest prices in food. The voucher might have a fancy name, but this is all fake.

  • There are no vouchers available from Sassa or for people with Sassa SRD grants.

If you see that a voucher is been advertised and you aren’t sure if this is real then you should call the call center to find out, before you apply for the voucher.

Report this type of voucher as soon as possible

It is important to make sure that you report these types of vouchers advertised immediately. Especially if you don’t know if the vouchers are legit or not. The number you should dial when you see an advert about a Sassa voucher is 0800 601011.

The reason why you need to make sure that you don’t apply for a voucher that might not be legit is the information they are asking for in the application. This is normally all the information they need to withdraw your money from your Sassa account before you can access it. Or, they steel apply for Sassa in your name, and you will not be able to receive any money from Sassa yourself.

Never give your ID or Sassa card info to anyone for a fake voucher

Something really important that you need to remember is that you should never give your ID number just to anyone. Not over the phone and not when you are applying for strange things online. Especially vouchers that seem legit.

And, you should also make sure that you don’t give your Sassa card info or your card to anyone. Criminals have the tools to access all your information from the chip on the card. Meaning that they have all your information and fingerprint to create a fake account in your name.

If you are unsure if the voucher is legit or not, you need to phone Sassa for the right information.

Always new scams with Sassa to be aware off

Did you know that the Poverty Alleviation Voucher isn’t the only scam with Sassa to know about? There are always new scams where people needing Sassa are getting scammed. You should always be careful when you are applying for a voucher online.

The easiest way to make sure that you know the voucher is legit is to visit the Sassa website. They will publish any vouchers or information you need to know there. If they don’t talk about a voucher that you can apply for, then the voucher you saw is not the real deal.

Sassa Cautions Against Fake News (

If you get any Sassa grant, it means that you might be desperate for extra money or food vouchers. And, this is why it is so easy for scammers to get away with these types of scams they create. The poverty alleviation voucher is the latest scam to get your personal information. It is recommended that you stay away from these scams and call Sassa to report these voucher adverts immediately. You might save someone from getting into serious trouble when they fall for these scams.