Sassa status check and payment dates for R350 Sassa grant

You need to know what your Sassa status is. It’s to make sure that you know the payment dates for the R350 Sassa grant. You don’t want to miss the payment date.

Sassa is reassessing you every month to see if you still qualify for the grant. Your Sassa status will tell if you are getting Sassa R350 grant or not.

Check for the Sassa status for payments

In order to know if you are going to get paid during October, November, and December 2021, you will need to if you qualify for the R350 Sassa grant and when you can expect the payment. You will also get a notification on when you can get your grant if you get it at the Sassa pay-points.

You are going to be evaluated each month to see if you still qualify for the Sassa grant payments. If you aren’t going to get the R350, you won’t get a notice. You will need to find it on your status to see if you will get your grant.

Important information about R350 Sassa grant

These are really important information about the R350 Sassa grant:

  • People that have qualified and were approved for the previous R350 grant, and it shows on your current Sassa status, that didn’t get paid. Or, they were paid but didn’t withdraw the payments.
  • You need to get in touch with the Sassa offices as soon as possible. You are going to lose your payments. The deadline for this was actually 31st August 2021, but you might still get assistance if you call as soon as possible. You don’t want to lose your grant, just because you didn’t keep track of your Sassa grant status.

Payments of the second iteration of the Sassa grant

When are the second iteration of the Sassa grant going to start? When are you going to get paid and when do you need to start keeping an eye on your Sassa Status?

  • It already started at the end of August 2021. And, it will run until the end of March 2022.
  • If you qualify and were approved for the second iteration and didn’t get paid, you need to find out why. You can check your status, or you can phone the Sassa helpline.
  • You just need to remember that before you are getting paid, a check is made to see if you still qualify for the Sassa R350 payment.

Meeting the criteria each month

This is something that most people don’t realize. They think that once they have been approved for the Sassa R350 grant, that they will automatically get it till March 2022. This isn’t the truth.

You will need to qualify for the grant each month. The moment that you don’t qualify for the grant, like getting a job, you will automatically be canceled. The only way that you can see if you will get your grant, is if you are always checking your Sassa status.

Receiving money from the Post office

These are really important info about receiving money from the post office:

  • There isn’t a specific day for those that are receiving the R350 grant, like with the other Sassa payments. You will need to wait for your SMS with the date that you can receive your Sassa payment.
  • If you go to the Post office without the SMS, you will not get your grant payment.
  • If you didn’t get your grant for the month, then you need to contact the Sassa offices. Going to the Post office will be a waste of time. You will only get your payment once you received your SMS.

Interesting info about the R350 Sassa grant

  • Did you know that applicants that qualify for the R350 Sassa grant need to have a cellular phone number, that needs to be registered in the name of the applicant? Otherwise, you will not get your payments.
  • They need to make sure that the payment goes to the correct recipients. Meaning that if you have a cellphone, but the number isn’t registered in your name, you will not get your payments.
  • Another interesting piece of information is that a total of 571,724, R350 grant applicants that were approved didn’t collect their grant. If you are one of these applicants, you need to get in touch with Sassa immediately.

With the R350 Sassa grant, you don’t have a specific date where you can collect your grant. You need to wait for the SMS that will notify you of the collection date. You will always need to keep an eye on your Sassa status to see if you still qualify for the grant because they are checking if you qualify each month. If you qualify for the grant, and you don’t receive payment, you need to call the Sassa office.