Sassa grants stolen by Post Office personnel

Sassa was in the news again. And again, it is all about Post Office personnel that is stealing the money of poor and innocent people. A while ago, this happened to Sassa personnel, and now this is the Post Office’s personnel that has been arrested by the hawks.

We are giving the latest information here and some tips on how you can prevent being scammed yourself. You might think that there is nothing you can do when a Post Office worker or Sassa worker takes your money instead of you getting it. But you are wrong and should report it immediately.

Latest Sassa grant scam by Post Office personnel

The investigation started when allegations were made by recipients that they didn’t receive their Sassa grant money. That they were approved, and they received it for a while, and suddenly it all stopped. Most of them are people that are getting their money via the new Sassa bank card that was issued in 2018.

In June 2019, there were more than 20 000 fraud cases that have been registered and reported. Luckily some of them were reimbursed, and they received their money again. However, almost half of the fraud cases weren’t resolved, and the people weren’t reimbursed.

The cases were still investigated, and in April 2022, the Hawks closed another huge amount of fraud cases. This time from the Post Office personnel. They announced that a huge number of people were arrested.

It all started in 2018; 80 Post Office personnel were arrested for this fraud

This isn’t just another Sassa grant scam that was reported again. Reports show that there were the same people that started the fraud, and that continued for more than four years. This was an ongoing investigation from 2018, and the Hawks arrested more than 80 people this week. And most of them were Post Office personnel that were arrested for fraud.

It has been reported that the criminals have changed the banking details of the recipients and withdrawn the money themselves. The real recipients of the money don’t get money, and Sassa can’t assist them because, according to their records, they have already withdrawn money from the account.

Is there anything you can do about it?

The question that you now have, is if you are one of the victims who have their money stolen by Post Office personnel or by anyone else, is there something that you can do about it?

You should report it as soon as you see that your money isn’t deposited into your bank account. This doesn’t matter if this is the new Sassa Post Office bank card, a virtual bank card, or your actual bank account. The money will be deposited on the first weekday of each month. If it isn’t in your bank, someone has stolen it.

You can open a case of theft and fraud at the police station, but you should also call the Sassa helpline. They will assist you further and make sure that there is a reason why you didn’t receive your money. Leaving it and just living without the money that is assigned to you is not acceptable.

Reporting any incidents immediately

You need to make sure that you are reporting any incidents immediately. It doesn’t matter if you saw something suspicious with Post Office personnel or if someone has told you about a way of making extra money.

If you don’t report it, the fraud will just continue, and the problem will just get worse and worse. Something that you should also remember is that if your Sassa card has been stolen or missing for a couple of days, you need to report it. Your Sassa card should always be in your possession. Otherwise, there is always a chance that someone can steal your information from the card.

Hawk investigating SA Post Office staff who stole pensioners Sassa grants (

Once again, Sassa employees and Post Office personnel were in the news. And, again this is because of a huge amount of people that were arrested after an investigation by the hawks. The latest scam is to change the recipient’s bank account and get it deposited in their own accounts. It is important for every Sassa recipient to report any irregularities with their bank accounts, cards, or deposits each month.