Before you can apply for Sassa grants payout, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about the grant. This is the only way to make sure that you qualify for a specific grant. And, all the protocols about applying, appealing, and moving to another province.

These are information that not many people know and understand. It is important to make sure that you have all the necessary information before you call the Sassa helpline. We all know that getting assistance from them is a long and frustrating process. These are some of the questions that you might have, that we can answer here without you phoning the helpline.

Do I qualify for Sassa grants payout?

It is important to know if you qualify for Sassa grants payout before you actually start applying for one of the grants. There are many different requirements that you need to meet before you can qualify for any of the grants. And, each grant has its own requirements. These are some of the main requirements that you need to meet in general.

  • You need to have a valid barcoded Smart ID or a barcoded ID book
  • You and your children you apply a grant for should be living in South Africa
  • For old people grant, you need to be older than 60 years
  • To apply for child support, your children need to be younger than 18
  • For any disability grants, you need to have medical documents not older than three months

There is more information about the other grant requirements on the official Sassa website.

What are the different types of Sassa grants payout I can apply for?

If you are new to applying for Sassa grants payouts, you need to know the different types of grants you can apply for. There are a couple of different grants, and you need to qualify for any of them before you can apply for the grant. These are all the types of grants you can apply for.

  • Child support grant
  • Foster child grant
  • Care dependency grant
  • Disability grant
  • Pension grant
  • War veteran grants
  • Grand in aid
  • Social relief of distress grant. This grant is just valid until the end of March 2022.

How do I apply for any of the Sassa grants payout?

In order to apply for any of the Sassa grants payouts, you need to visit the nearest Sassa office. You will need to take all the required documents for the grant you apply for with you. You can’t visit the nearest Post Office for applying for a grant.

It needs to be one of the official Sassa offices that are nearest to you. If you don’t know where to find the office, you can call their helpline for assistance. They will guide you to the right office.

Is there anything I can do when my grant application was denied?

It does happen that a Sassa application is denied for whatever reason. If you know for sure that you qualify for the grant, and your grant is denied, then there is something that you can do.

Within 90 days of your grant application is denied, you can apply for a reconsideration. This should be done at the Sassa offices. If this was unsuccessful as well, you can also launch an appeal to the Independent Tribunal of Social Assistance appeals. They will launch a separate investigation on why your application was denied.