If you think that your R350 SRD grant is going to stop at the end of March 2022, then you need to think again. It just came out. The SRD grant is going to be extended.

The president of South Africa just announced that the grant will be extended for another full year. So, if you didn’t apply for the SRD yet, this is now the time. We are telling you everything you need to know about the extension of the grant. This is essential info for everyone to know who has applied for the grant payments.

The R350 SRD Grant extended for another year

The news is out. And, for those that are getting the R350 SRD grant, or that still have pending applications, we have good news. The grand has been extended for another year. You might have thought that you only have two payments left. Now, you have another year of payment left.

The SRD Sassa grant has been extended till March 2023. Those that didn’t apply for the grant yet can now apply. Those that are still in disputes can have the reassurance that their cases will still be looked at. And, if you find yourself unemployed, during 2022 you can apply for some relief.

The origin of the R350 SRD grant

Many wonders about the R350 grant. Wondering why this is a temporary grant, while the other grants are permanent. Why the grant was stopped, then started again. And, now it is extended yet again to 2023.

The grant was created for those that lost their jobs and that struggled during the Covid pandemic. SRD stands for social relief distress grant. Started during 2020 when Covid caused a lot of people to lose jobs and temporarily lost their incomes. Many people are still feeling the effect of the pandemic because the pandemic isn’t quite over yet. And, this is the reason for the extensions of the SRD grant.

Why it is keep getting extended?

Why are the R350 SRD keeps getting extended? This is a question that many people that are already back to normal after Covid 19 asked. The problem is that not many people realize what the effect of the pandemic was on the poor and low-income people.

The main reason for the SRD to be extended once again is the number of people that are getting assistance to purchase food each month. When you look at our unemployed percentage in the country at the moment, you will realize that there are hundreds of thousands of people that are jobless and that need some sort of income to buy the most essential food. This is the main reason why the grant is extended for another year.

Rumors that R350 SRD might be made permanent

This is something that we are getting asked a lot. The rumors are that the R350 SRD is going to be made permanent. Just under another name, because if it’s permanent it has nothing to do with pandemic relief. 

We can’t really confirm or deny these rumors. President Ramaphosa said that they are looking into an alternative that will replace the R350 grant. However, there is no confirmation that the grant will continue permanently. We will keep you updated about the grant becoming permanent. For now, you can get some financial assistance till you find a new and permanent income.

You can now apply for the Grant SRD again

There were claims that you can’t apply for the Grant SRD anymore. Because the grant was supposed to cancel at the end of March 2022. However, with the grant being extended till 2023, you can now apply again.

It is important to make sure that you know how and where you can apply for the R350 SRD grant. You can also start disputing applications that weren’t approved.

R350 Grant To Be Extended To March 2023 | Skills Portal

Yes, you read right. The R350 SRD grant was extended for another year. Till the end of March 2023. Making it easier for those that struggle because of the Covid pandemic. You can apply for the grant if you didn’t do so before. And, you can start collecting your grant again, after March 2022. We will keep you updated about the rumors that the R350 might be made permanent.