R350 Sassa grant no longer available at Post Office

This is important information that everyone needs to know. Post Office has made an announcement last week about receiving your R350 Sassa grant at the post office.

It will not happen anymore. There are other methods for collecting your grant, but it will not be at the Post office as you did the last two years. We are telling you everything there is to know about this new development.

No longer available at any Post Office

The R350 Sassa grant will not be available at the Post Office for collection. From June 2022, you will need to find another place to collect your grant.

They have found that it became a serious problem with collecting the grants at the Post Office. The queues are long, and there are too many people together at one time. Especially during the Covid pandemic, where crowds should be avoided.

It is important to know that this is only for the R350 grant beneficiaries. The other grant payments will continue as before. Certain days of the month for certain types of grant payouts. This is only for those that are receiving the SRD grant.

The main reason why you can’t collect your R350 Sassa grant at the Post Office

Why are they changing the payment methods now? After two years since the grant was implemented. The main reason why you can’t collect your R350 Sassa grant at the Post Office anymore is because of the number of people standing in queues.

More and more people are applying for grants, and this means that more people need to receive their grants on a monthly basis. Causing long queues that can be dangerous and that is causing a risk of new Covid 19 infections. Post Office can’t handle the number of people on a daily basis receiving their grants and assist other people with normal Post Office services. This is causing confusion, frustration, and a lack of customer service from the Post Office.

Where can you get your R350 grant now?

If you are collecting your R350 Sassa grant, and you still want to collect it instead of getting it deposited into your bank account, you might need to know where you can get your grant.

You can still collect the SRD grant from:

  • any Pick n Pay,
  • boxer,
  • Shoprite,
  • Checkers
  • or USave stores.

You just need to log into your Sassa profile online and change your collection option from the Post Office to another option we have mentioned here. The process is fast and immediate. They will send you an SMS to tell you when and where you can collect your next R350 payment.

Other payment methods that you can choose from

If you decide that you don’t want to receive your payment via collection, then you don’t need to worry. There are many other options you can choose from.

  • Deposit into your bank account
  • CashSend services


You can’t go to any Post Office in South Africa to collect your R350 Sassa grant anymore. This is essential to change your payment method so that you can receive it from another store. If you are going to the Post Office for the collection of your SRD grant, they will show you the door. Without your payment. This is implemented from June 2022, so you need to change your payment option soon. The Post Office can’t handle the number of people that need to collect their grants in a day. This is why they stopped the collection from the Post Office. But, this is only for the R350 SRD payments, and not other Sassa collections.