Sassa child support is for parents that have children and that can’t financially provide for them. There are so many rumors about applying for Sassa child support. This is making it hard to decide if you are allowed to apply for the grant. And, to know how to apply for the grant.

When can you apply for child support? Where and how do you apply if you qualify slot gacor? These are all questions that people have every day. We are giving you all the right information about child support, and applying for Sassa. It doesn’t need to be hard at all.

Here is how you as parents can qualify for the grant

There are a couple of things you as a parent needs to know about qualifying for Sassa child support. Requirements that you as a parent need to qualify for before you can even think about applying for the grant. These are the requirements that you need to know.

  • You must be the primary caregiver of the child. Meaning that you need to be the parent, grandparent, or a child older than 16 years that is looking after siblings. If you aren’t the child’s biological parent, you need to provide proof that you are the child’s primary caregiver. There are many ways on how you can proof that you are the primary caregiver.
  • You need to be a South African citizen or permanent resident with a valid barcoded ID or the new smart ID card.
  • You should not earn more than R52 800 per year if you are single or not more than R105 600 per year if you are married.
  • You also need to have proof of residence

If you aren’t the biological parent and need to prove that you are the primary caregiver of the child, you can get any of these reports as proof.

  • An affidavit from a police station
  • A social worker’s report that you are the primary caregiver
  • An affidavit from the biological parent
  • Letter from the principal of the school the child is attending.

Your child’s requirements to get child support

Besides your own requirements to qualify for child support, you also need to make sure that you know the requirements for child care. Otherwise, you will also not be able to apply for the Sassa child support. These are the requirements for the child to receive child support.

  • Needs to be under the age of 18
  • The child shouldn’t be cared for in a state institution
  • Needs to live with the primary caregiver that will receive the child support.

How much and where can you collect the child support grant

At the moment Sassa child support grant is R460 per month, per child. This might change before the end of February or March 2022. There are different ways on how you can collect the Sassa grant each month.

  • You can get cash at a specific pay point on a particular day. These dates are available one month in advance.
  • An electronic deposit into your bank or Post bank account. Remember that with a bank account, you will be paying banking fees.
  • Or, with the institution acting as administrator of the grant.

Can they review a Sassa child support case without notice?

Yes, Sassa has the right to review any Sassa child support case. However, they aren’t allowed to review the case without any prior notice. They need to notify the parent or primary caregiver three months’ notice on the date that they are reviewing the Sassa child support case.

They will also let you know in advance when your life certificate needs to be renewed. A life certificate is a proof that you are still alive and still looking after the child. This is normally something you need to renew every year. To make sure that someone isn’t getting the money in your name after you have died.

When can they suspend your support?

There are circumstances where Sassa can suspend your grant payment. It is important to know when they can suspend the support so that you can avoid making any of these mistakes.

  • If there is a change in your circumstances
  • A review shows that you don’t qualify anymore
  • When you fail to co-operate when the Sassa grant is reviewed
  • The moment that you commit fraud and misrepresent the child
  • When the child is no longer in your care
  • Or, when there where a mistake made, when approving the child’s grant.

Applying for child support

When you are applying for Child support, you need to visit the nearest Sassa office from your home. With your ID document and the child’s birth certificate you will fill in an application form They will review the application and see if you qualify.

They will contact you when your application is approved or declined. When it is declined, you will get a report on the reasons for being declined.

Parents, you don’t need to wonder if you are qualifying for Sassa child support. We are telling you everything you need to know. With all this mentioned information, you can decide if you can apply for child support and what you need in order to get your application approved. If you aren’t biological the parent of the child you are taking care of, you don’t need to struggle on your own. You can still apply for child support if you can prove that you are the primary caregiver of the child.