Yes, only one month left for the SRD grant R350. Can you still apply to get the grant for the end of February 2022 and for March 2022, or are the applications closed?  

Now that the grant comes to a close, what will you do when you don’t receive the money anymore? Is there any other way to get some money from Sassa? These are all questions that you might have, with the SRD closing soon. Some are worried about the money they won’t have anymore, while others are still wondering why their application is still pending. We will give you all the essential info you need.

The special SRD grant R350 is ending in March 2022

We all know now, that the special SRD grant R350 is ending in March 2022. That you only have a short period on where you can apply for the grant.

Yes, you can still apply for the grant, till the beginning of March. And, you might only get one month’s grant, but at least it is better than nothing. However, there are still many applications pending, and many people have opened a dispute that is still not resolved. And, what about the option to get the grant extended after March? There are still so much confusion and questions, with so few answers.

My account is still pending, what should I do to get the last month’s payment?

One important thing that you need to know. If your application is still pending after two weeks, you need to phone Sassa and hear why your application isn’t processed yet. There might be something wrong with your paperwork or application that keeps it in a pending state.

If they are backlogged with the applications and this is the reason for the pending, you will still get your money. And, it might be back paid to the date of the application. However, there isn’t any real information to prove this statement.

You need to apply ASAP to get the last month’s SRD grant

There isn’t any real information about still applying for the SRD for March. However, experts are saying that people have till the beginning of March to apply for the grant. This is if you want to get at least one month’s grant payment.

Many are saying that this is too late to apply now and that it isn’t worth all the trouble to get it approved before the end of March. Those that are applying now, might be able to get grant payments for February and March.

Disputes from SRD were delayed. You will need to wait for the outcome

This was all over the news a couple of weeks back. That the disputes of the SRD grant are being delayed. Too many applications and not enough manpower to get it done.

When your dispute is still pending, you will just need to wait for the outcome. You can contact Sassa or visit the nearest office for assistance on how far your dispute is from being resolved. However, you will just need to wait for it to be attended to. And, if you won the dispute, you need to hope that you will still get the Sassa grant from your application to the end of March.

Will the SRD be expended after March 2022

This is a debate that is going on for a while now. People that want the SRD grant R350 to be extended after March. Some are even asking for the SRD to be instated permanently.

Those who are getting the SRD grant at the moment are hoping for an extension. However, at the moment there isn’t any news or announcements that it will be extended after March. The government isn’t in the financial position to continue with this grant. We will keep you updated about any news or announcements about the extension of the grant.

The SRD grant is ending, where can you get financial assistance now?

With the grant ending, there are many people that will not be able to purchase food for their families. R350 might not be a lot of money for some, but if you don’t get any income, this is the only way to purchase some food. With this gone, people are worried about how to take care of your family.

The only financial assistance you can get is if you are older than 60 years, or if you have any children that you are taking care of at home. Even if it isn’t your biological children. There are other Sassa grant options you can consider when you aren’t working. You just need to make sure that you know what grant you will qualify for.

This is the last month for applying for the grant SRD R350 payments. The end of March 2022 will be the last payday for the grant. We are giving you all the essential information that we have, in order to make sure that everyone is up to date with the info about the SRD grant. To know if you can still apply, what about disputes that are still pending, and what you will do after March when the grant is no more.