Nedbank Gold Credit card info

There are a couple of credit cards from Nedbank that you can choose from. One of the most popular and common credit cards you can apply for is the Nedbank Gold Credit card.

The problem is that because of the many different credit cards from this bank, it is hard to know what the gold card is all about. This is why we are giving you all the essential information you need to know about credit cards.

Essential information about the Nedbank Gold Credit card

There is some essential information about the Nedbank Gold credit card that you need to know. To make sure that you qualify for the card, and that the credit card is the right one for your personal needs. This is what we know about credit cards.

The amount that you can get on your card will depend on how much you can afford. Your everyday spending, your debts, and the salary amount you are getting each month. To qualify for the card, you will need to get a minimum income of R5000 and you will be getting up to 55 days of free interest payments.

The interest that you are going to pay on your credit card will depend on your profile. This is the interest you are getting for saving on your card, and the amount of interest you are paying on the borrowed money. The average monthly fee that you are going to pay to have a credit card is R40.

Benefits of having a gold credit card

When you are applying for the Nedbank gold credit card, you will see that there is a couple of benefits that you will not get from any other type of credit card. Benefits that will make it worth getting this card. These are some of the most important benefits that will show you that this is a great card to apply for.

  • With this credit card, you will have flexible repayment options. You can choose one that will be most convenient for you.
  • You will be able to pay off your purchases over time, with the budget facility
  • The minimum repayment needs to be 5% of your outstanding balance
  • You can change your credit card limit at any given time
  • You can use the credit card for purchases in-store, online, at ATMs, and even overseas.
  • The credit card has the option for the scan to pay, making use of the QR codes
  • Managing your money with a credit card is easy. You can just download the money app or make use of online banking.

Features and rates of the Nedbank Gold credit card

Before you can apply for any credit or debit card, you need to know the features and rates of the card. When you are applying and using your new Nedbank gold credit card, you will be able to enjoy these features and have to pay these rates.

  • You can link your card to Apple pay, Samsung pay, Fitbit Pay, or Garmin Pay.
  • You will need to pay an R20 monthly service fee and an R20 credit facility fee.
  • An R25 fee is needed for your Greenbacks linkage
  • You will not pay any fees for swiping your card.
  • An extra card will only cost you R30
  • Your first card delivery will be free of charge

Rewards you are getting fee when having this card

The one great thing about owning a Nedbank gold credit card is the rewards that you will get as well. When you use your card to pay for your Nu Metro movie tickets, you will only need to pay half price.  And, every time that you swipe at BP garages, you will have a chance to win Greenbacks at the value of R200 000.

You will also get Greenbacks when you are spending at certain stores, or for certain products. Using your Greenbacks is easy. You can shop at any store that accepts American Express credit cards.

The last reward that you will get is that you will receive some great restaurant deals and travel discounts on flights, accommodation and car hire.

Applying for your credit card

The Nedbank gold credit card isn’t one of those cards where you need to have a large income for you to qualify for the credit card. You only need to have a total monthly salary of R5,000 before tax. You also need to have a good credit score and you need to live in South Africa.

The last thing that you need in order to qualify for this gold card is that you need to be at least 18 years old.  You need to have a valid barcoded ID document in order to apply for the credit card.

If you are looking for a credit card where the requirements aren’t as strict, and where you don’t need to have a large salary, then you should consider applying for the Nedbank gold credit card. With this credit card, you will get some great rewards, benefits, and even some travel specials when you pay with this card. Even the fees aren’t unreasonably high.