I can’t collect my own Sassa payments?

You fall ill, or you might be too old to stand in queues to collect your Sassa payments. Does it mean that you will never be able to receive your grant payments again, or is there something that you can do about it?

The good news is that there are some options for you if you can’t collect your grant payments yourself. However, this is if you are sick and can’t visit the Sassa office yourself. These are some essential information to ensure that you know what the procedures are if you can’t collect your Sassa grant.

Do you lose your month’s Sassa payment if you can’t collect yourself?

There might be many reasons why you can’t collect your Sassa payment yourself. Maybe you have Covid and need to quarantine at home. Or, you landed in the hospital and can’t collect your grant yourself. Does it mean that you actually will not receive your Sassa for the month?

For a short-term solution, when you can’t get your Sassa payments, you can call the Sassa office and ask them for some assistance. They will tell you how you can still collect your money, even if you are sick and unable to collect it on a specific day. There are some options to consider, but it all depends on the reason why you can’t collect your payments.

What options do you have when you are sick and unable to collect any Sassa grant?

There are two options that you can do when you are sick and unable to collect any Sassa grants. The first option is to ask someone that you trust to give power of attorney. Meaning that someone else can receive the payment on your behalf. This can be done, but you will need certain documents and permission from Sassa.

The other option is to switch your payment method to bank depositing. Meaning that the money will be paid into your bank account, and you don’t need to collect it at the post office anymore. However, with this option, you will need 30-day notice. Meaning that you will only get it paid into your bank the next month.

Changing to a bank account won’t give you this problem anymore

Even if you can collect your payment now, it doesn’t mean that in a month or two, you will still be able to collect your payments. This is why you need to consider changing to a bank account. Then, you will never have this problem again. And, you don’t need to stand in a queue in the rain and cold to collect your monthly payments.

This isn’t difficult to switch to a bank deposit for your Sassa grants. You just need to have your bank account, your ID, and proof of residence and need to visit the nearest Sassa office. The only problem depending on the type of bank you use, is that you will pay fees for the deposit.

Giving power of attorney to someone else to collect Sassa payments

You are allowed to give power of attorney to a relative of someone responsible enough to receive your Sassa payments on your behalf. You will need to phone or call Sassa for information on how to give someone power of attorney. However, the person that is collecting your grant should visit the nearest Sassa office with a signed letter from you, an affidavit, his ID and proof of residence, and your ID and proof of residence as well.

This means that you don’t need to collect your grant anymore. The person with a power of attorney can collect it and give it to you. However, you will need to make sure that you can trust the person to give you the money that actually belongs to you.

Is Sassa payments similar for Sassa SRD grants about power of attorney?

A question that you might have is if this is for all Sassa grants and if it includes the SRD grant as well. The answer is yes. Giving someone power of attorney can work for all the types of grants you get from Sassa. Including the SRD grant.

And, it is recommended that people receiving the SRD grant receive it through a deposit. So, you can change your payment method for your SRD grant easily.

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If you don’t know how you are going to get your Sassa grant because you are ill or too old for the queues, then we have the answer for you. You don’t need to miss out on a month’s payment because you can’t collect it yourself. With the information we just gave, you will see that you have two options. Getting your grant paid into a bank account or giving someone power of attorney.