Does Sassa really go through your application?

A question that we are getting a lot. Does Sassa really go through your application, or are they just looking at the applicants and deciding which ones are approved and which ones aren’t?

If you think that you can apply for Sassa, even if you don’t qualify, then you need to think again. You are mistaken to think that they approve everyone that is applying for Sassa grants. These are some essential information about your application that you need to know before you apply.

Does Sassa really go through all the applications for any Sassa grant?

This is important to remember. Sassa really goes through all the application of each applicant. Even if they receive hundreds a day. It only means that you might wait a while for them to get to your request of getting Sassa.

If you think that your application will be approved, even if you don’t qualify, then you are mistaken. They really go through each application. Make sure that you are the person you claim to be and that you really do qualify for getting Sassa. The moment that they find that you applied without the right information, you might get sued for fraud.

It is a lot of work for a group of people

Yes, this might be a lot of work for just a group of people, but they do go through every application, personally. Make sure that every piece of information is correctly stated.

There are different people doing different Sassa grants. And this is why all the grants are getting done in just a couple of days. Especially when it comes to the SRD grant. This isn’t just getting done once. This is a reoccurrence that is getting done each month.

With the SRD grant application, monthly reassessment is also being done

Sassa personnel needs to make sure that all the SRD grants are paid out correctly. Meaning that if you got work and didn’t notify the Sassa office, they can terminate your grant immediately. This isn’t just a grant that is reviewed on a regular basis like the other grants.

This is getting done each month with all the SRD grants. And, if you don’t qualify anymore, they will stop the funding immediately. It is to make sure that no one is getting money that they don’t deserve and taking money from the poor people that need the money to survive.

Make sure that you do know the requirements for each Sassa application

It doesn’t matter what Sassa grant you want to apply to; you need to make sure that you know the requirements before you apply. If you apply for something you don’t qualify for, you are just wasting time and money of the people working with the applications.

Everywhere on the internet, you will find information about the requirements and process of Sassa. So, you don’t have an excuse that you didn’t know you weren’t qualifying when you applied for any of the Sassa grants.

Approving takes time, be patience

Something that you need to realize is that there are hundreds of applications each day. And it can take a while to go through the process. So, you just need to be patient and check your Sassa status online.

There is no reason why you should call the Sassa office each day to find out if they are done with your request. They will not answer you and will just state that you need to wait for the update on your Sassa profile.

Other essential information about Sassa applications

If you don’t fill out the application form correctly, then you will not have any chance of getting your application processed. They don’t have the time to phone you and to tell you there is a mistake with the form. Or that you didn’t give all the paperwork with the form.

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Does Sassa really go through each application? The answer is yes. They do go through each and every Sassa form. You will need to make sure that you fill it correctly and make sure that you do qualify for the grant. If you think that you can apply if you don’t allow it and they will just approve, you might be surprised. They will decline you, but you might also be charged with fraud.