Cybercrime and South Africa. What you need to know

When we hear about cybercrime, we normally think about the crime in other countries. We only hear about crime from other countries that cause chaos and frustration. Does it mean that in South Africa this type of crime is under control, or that we have the best internet security?

If this is what you think, then we have a surprise for you. South Africa has the same amount of internet crime as any other country. We are classified as the 6th worst country when it comes to internet crimes.  This is why we need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about internet scams, fraud, and theft. This is more important than ever to protect ourselves from these types of crime.

If you think that cybercrime is low in South Africa

Most people think that because not many people are making use of the internet in South Africa, that cybercrime is lower than in other countries. However, if this is what you think, then we have a surprise for you. We are one of the worst countries when it comes to internet fraud.

Looking at statistics, we see that we aren’t as bad as the countries like America and the UK. However, we are still ranking really high. At number 6 of the most cyber-attacks, we should make sure that everyone is protected when they are using the internet for things like buying, internet banking, and doing business online.

Cybercrime in South Africa in short

For the second year in a row, the UK is number 1 with all the different online crimes and fraud. They have almost 92 times more cybercrime than South Africa. But, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have any internet fraud and crime that can ruin people’s lives.

Looking at the statistics it is clear that South Africa is also struggling with this new form of crime. To put it into perspective, we have these numbers for you. This is the latest statistics about internet crime.

  • The UK has 4 783 reported internet crime cases per one million users.
  • The US has about 1 494 cases per one million users
  • Canada has about 174 cases per one million users
  • South Africa has 52 cases per one million users.

The top 10 countries with the most cybercrime include the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Greece, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Mexico.

What can you do to prevent falling victim to online scams?

Those that are using the internet on a daily basis might be wondering what they can do to prevent falling victim to online scams and cybercrime. Is there something we can do, or should we just sit and pray that we don’t fall victim to South Africa.

The truth is that there are actually many different methods on how we can protect ourselves and our personal information from hackers and online criminals. Thinking that it won’t happen to you, or that you can’t do anything about it so just using the internet without worrying is not a good idea. You need to make sure that you follow some protective measurements to prevent this from happening to you.

Different methods to prevent cybercrime from accessing your personal information

Before you might want to know the different ways that you can keep your personal information safe and secure you might want to know the different cybercrime that we are getting in South Africa. If you think that South Africa has only a problem with hackers then you need to think again. These are the different types of internet crime that you should be aware of:

  • Email fraud
  • Identity fraud
  • Theft of card payment data
  • Corporate data theft
  • Cyberextortion
  • Ransomware attacks

Now, it’s important to make sure that you know the different methods that you can protect yourself against this type of crime. If you consider these, you will be safe from any attacks.

  • Making use of a full-service internet security software
  • Always make use of strong passwords
  • Keep your security software updated
  • Strengthened your home network by using a VPN

Cybercrime in South Africa. Is this really a threat for us, or is this only in other, larger countries a threat? Something you need to know is that we are all a threat of becoming a victim of cybercrime. And, the only way to keep you safe is to take some safety measurements. We are talking about everything related to internet crime. To make sure that you won’t become the next victim.