Contract or prepaid cellphone deals?

For you, this is the time to choose.  Contract or prepaid deals? This is something that many people don’t know how to choose. Some are saying that if you have the cash to pay for a prepaid deal, you should go for it.

However, others are claiming that contract deals are a lot better because you will always have the latest phone, with enough airtime and data to get through each month. Never to be without any data or air time again. It is important to know everything there is to know between contract or prepaid cellphone deals to make the right decision. We are telling it as it is, without personal preferences getting in the way.

Making the right choice between contract or prepaid

You need to take the time to make the right choice between contract or prepaid phones. Some might prefer a contract, while others don’t see the point of paying each month for something they might get cheaper when buying cash.

You need to sit and make a list of all the things you need before you are deciding which option you should opt for. There are pros and cons of both the contract and prepaid options, and if you know all the information, choosing the right one will be easier.

Contract or prepaid: More about Contract options

What is a contract cellphone contract, and why is this so popular to have a contract on your phone? A contract is where you are signing a deal to pay the phone for 24 months. And, during the 24 months, you are getting certain benefits with the phone, like free minutes, SMSs, and data.

At the beginning of each month, you are getting your minutes for the month. Sometimes when you didn’t use all of your minutes and data it rolls over to the next month. The good thing is that you can choose different phones and different packages. You will find one that you can afford.

Pros of a contract deals

What are the benefits and pros of getting a contract deal? What should you know when you are applying for a contract, about the benefits you should expect? These are the reasons why people don’t really compare contracts or prepaid with each other.

  • You will get a new phone every two years. No more worrying about using an old phone all the time. And, you will always have a top-of-the-range phone.
  • You are always connected. You will be able to call, text, or use the internet as long as you have free minutes left. This is something you won’t have when you are making use of prepaid.
  • With contracts, you are getting good deals that are more affordable than prepaid. Especially if you need to purchase more minutes, SMS, or data during the month.

Cons of a contract deals

These are some of the problems and cons you might have with a contract deal. The reason why many people don’t even compare between contracts or prepaid.

  • You need to sign a 24-month contract. And, most of the time it is hard to get out of the contract when you aren’t affording the payment anymore.
  • Looking at contracts or prepaid, you will see that contract phones are a lot more expensive than prepaid.
  • Roaming fees are expensive

Contract or prepaid: More about Prepaid options

Prepaid phones are where you are buying your phone cash. And, where you need to purchase airtime, or bundles to use your phone. If the airtime runs out during the month you need to top it up or add more to the phone.  

Most of the time you won’t be able to have the most expensive phone, because on prepaid you can’t really afford these phones. Except if you are rich and don’t have a problem with money.

Pros of a prepaid deals

When comparing contract or prepaid phones, you might see that there are a lot of benefits available. There is no signed contract that you need to have for the full 24 months. These are some of the pros and benefits of prepaid deals.

  • Under no obligation to use the phone or minutes for a fixed period. You can purchase another phone at any given time without losing money on the deal.
  • Will ave much better control over how much you spend each month on your phone. With a contract, you need to pay the same amount each month, and you can’t just purchase the prepaid amount that you need for the month.
  • No added fees for buying a phone. You might already have a phone that you can use. And, if you are buying a new phone, it will mostly be a cash purchase.
  • Lots of different options are available for you to choose from. For the airtime that you are adding to the phone, and to purchase the phone as well.

Cons of a prepaid deals

These are some cons and problems that you need to know about having a prepaid deal.

  • You will need to have the cash to purchase a phone.
  • Those that are spending a lot of time on their phones might not want to consider prepaid
  • If you don’t have airtime on your phone, you can’t phone or text. Even in an emergency, it will not be possible.
  • Prepaid doesn’t mean that it is cheaper. Not if you want to purchase a high-end phone as well.

Conclusion. Contract or prepaid?

Contract or prepaid? If this is a question that you are asking a lot, then you might want to read it here. We are giving you all the information about a contract cellphone deal and the prepaid phone deals. You can then decide for yourself which option you want. Most people prefer prepaid, but this is mostly because they can’t afford the contract deals, or they don’t know the benefits of it.