FNB Premier credit card

One of the benefits of making use of FNB as your personal bank, you are getting some options about the type of credit card you can apply for. One of these credit cards is the FNB premier credit card. This is a credit card for those that are in the higher-income group. You might need … Read more

American Express Platinum Credit card

South Africans don’t realize that they can apply for the American Express platinum credit card. Many think that this is an American bank where you can only apply for this credit card when living in America. However, this isn’t the truth at all. This is a banking institution that is known internationally, and anyone can … Read more

All you need to know about SRD Sassa R350 covid grant

This is everywhere and everyone is still talking about it. The SRD Sassa R350 covid grant that was implemented during the Covid pandemic. When people were without work and when people struggled to put food on the table. Now it is 2022 and the covid grant is continuing. What do you need to know about … Read more