Unrest disrupts the Sassa food relief program

Since the beginning of 2020, food relief programs were needed for the poor South Africans that were on lockdown and that couldn’t work to provide food for their families. This is where the Sassa food relief program started. And today thousands of people are counting on the program.  However, because of the unrest, disrupts the … Read more

Withdraw grant payments

How can you withdraw grant payments you receive from your Sassa card? There are four places where you can withdraw your payments. They are the pay points of Sassa, certain merchant stores, non-participating stores, and ATM. We are discussing everything you need to know about the four methods. https://www.careersportal.co.za/sassa/can-sassa-cards-be-used-at-atms Sassa cash pay points The first … Read more

Child Grant payments. Sassa dates from October 2021 to 2022

Many people in South Africa are dependent on the Child Grant payments from Sassa. It is important to know when and where you can get your Sassa child grant payments. Especially if you are collecting the grant at the Sassa offices. Most of the time people collecting Child grand payments know when to collect it, … Read more

How to pay off debt fast with low income

How to pay off debt fast with low income

Today I come up with a slightly different perspective. My purpose is to highlight the needed habits to pay off debt fast with low income. If you are someone from a low-income individual then these habits are essentially important for you, although these ideas apply to all income group people. It’s human nature that paying … Read more

No Credit Check Loan 2022

Many lenders in the UK offer loans to their customers that do not require a credit check. These loans can help you out in a situation where you need money immediately but have a poor credit history. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of No Credit Check Loan, their advantages, and … Read more

My Community Bank Personal Loan

My Community Bank Personal Loan

Wanted to get a flexible personal loan? My Community bank is the best place to get a personal loan. They offer a wide range of loans to meet customers’ personal needs, from a dream house to home improvement, car, furniture, ceremonial events, and debt consolidation. They offer loans with easy repayment options and competitive interest … Read more