Canceling a family member’s Sassa after death

There is so much confusion about what to do with a family member’s Sassa after death. Some think that you can still use the money, even if the legal recipient has died. Or, they just keep on using the money till Sassa closes the account themselves.

You will be surprised about how many people are receiving their family member’s Sassa grant. Even if they know, it is illegal. Thousands of Rand is going to waste because people are actually stealing the money when someone dies. Here is everything you need to know about canceling a family member’s Sassa after death.

Unclear what to do with Sassa after death

There is a huge problem with people that receives Sassa. About what happens with their Sassa after death. Some people are just taking advantage of it and cash the money as long as possible. Even if this is illegal.

Yes, it is important to know that it is illegal to take money from a Sassa recipient that has died. No matter if the person was the breadwinner or not. It is just common sense that you can’t take the money that was supposed to go to someone else. Even if the person has died.

Not allowed to transfer the money into your account

One thing is clear. You aren’t allowed to transfer the money of a family member Sassa after death. This isn’t yours, even if the person who died is your parent.

Sassa grant payments are for people that are struggling. To assist them in getting their basic needs fulfilled. If that person died, he isn’t a receiver of the grant anymore. And, it is your responsibility to report his death to home affairs and Sassa if needed. You can’t withdraw his Sassa money from his account or even take the money even if you have power of attorney to collect his money for him.

Sassa payments will automatically stop if death is reported to home affairs

If someone dies that received Sassa, the payments should automatically stop. They are linked with home affairs and will get notified when someone dies. If they didn’t get the notification, you would need to notify Sassa about the death of the person and that the money is still getting paid.

However, because of backlogs, home affairs aren’t notified of death immediately. So, Sassa isn’t getting notified in time. Meaning that payments will still be made to the person that is not alive anymore.

After a month, you need to report it yourself to stop Sassa after death

When you see that after a month of a Sassa beneficiary’s death, the money is still getting paid, it is your responsibility to report it. You need to report any person’s death anyway within 30 days.

It is illegal to know that home affairs aren’t aware of the death, and you are not reporting it. And, as long as Sassa is paying Sassa after death, and you take the money, you are stealing from the state.

If money is unused after three months, it is canceled automatically

If you can’t get to Sassa after the death of a loved one, you can just leave the money in the deceased person’s account. The money will be paid back to Sassa after three months of not using the account. So, you don’t actually have any reason to use money that isn’t yours.

When you just leave it in the account, the payments will be stopped after three months, and the money will be reversed.

Illegal to keep the money for yourself and not report it to Sassa

We can’t say this enough. It is illegal to keep Sassa after the death of a family member. And, it is illegal not to report the death to Sassa immediately. You can get in serious trouble for fraud if you are taking money from a dead person. Especially when you are stealing money from the government.

It doesn’t matter if the person was a blood relative or not. Sassa can’t be carried over to another person when the person still receives Sassa after death.

Families urged not to collect grants of deceased beneficiaries – South Coast Herald

Can you keep the Sassa after the death of a family member? The money is still getting paid into the deceased account, and you have full access to the account. So, it’s your right to use the money for his funeral or for expenses that you have, right? This is not true at all. The moment that a person dies, their Sassa needs to be left alone, canceled, or waiting for the three months to pass. It is illegal to take money from a dead person. Sassa after death isn’t transferrable.