Big Sassa changes on the cards

South Africa has announced some big Sassa changes on the cards.  Meaning that they are planning some big changes on Sassa payments between 2022 and 2023.

Some of these changes are just rumors, so you should make sure that you wait for the official release of this information before you get excited.  They stated that it would be published in March 2022.  Here are a couple of these changes that are already official or that are on the cards of becoming official.

Sassa changes during 2022

During the pandemic, the South African government saw some problems in the Sassa payments, and they decided to make sore serious Sassa changes.  Starting with new laws, payments that are now earlier, and the consideration of a basic income grant.

There might be some other changes that might come into effect during this or next year.  But, these are the latest changes that you can expect.  These changes are outlined in the annual performance plan for 2022/2023

Payments will be made earlier than April 2022

Official Sassa changes that are already made and come into effect from the start of April 2022.  This is that Sassa payments will be made sooner than they were in the past.  From now on, payments will be made from the second of each month.  This was considered about hearing about beneficiaries’ pleas about changing the Sassa dates.

Starting with the elderly grant, the payments will start on the second of each month.  With the disability grant on the next day, followed by the child grant.  If the second of a month falls on a public holiday or a weekend, the payment will be made the first weekday after.  The Sassa R350 will continue as normal.

Working towards basic income grant

With the pandemic, the South African government saw the need for a basic income grant.  For those that are unemployed and that need a salary to be able to buy their basic foods.  This is to ensure an inclusive growth path and to assist with poverty in the country.

This grant might be replaced with the Sassa SRD R350 grant that will be paid out to unemployed persons until March 2023.  They stated that this basic income grant will be announced soon, with further information about who qualifies and how to apply for it.

Mandatory contributions and other essential changes

Other Sassa changes that are on the cards are mandatory contributions for retirement, death, and disability.  Meaning that every South African need to have a retirement, death, and disability plan.  They are also planning to extend social assistance coverage to everyone in need.

Sassa is considering creating a platform for the informal sector workers to join in Social Security coverage.  All these proposals still need to be consulted by all stakeholders before they can be made public.  However, these are some changes that they want to make during this year.

New Laws and Sassa changes

Something important to know is that Sassa is considering amending the Social Assistance Act, the Sassa act, and the fund-raising act.  This is to address gaps and inconsistencies in the legislation of these acts.

They are also going to legalize child support grants when they are residing with relatives.  And, if the child is younger than 18 but older than 16 looking after siblings, he will receive the child support grant.  If it’s legalized by the court.

Nothing is official yet

Except for the payment dates that change during April 2022, nothing is finalized yet.  The government just released a statement to let the public know about the Sassa changes that might happen during 2022.  They are claiming that this is in the best interest of the country and for each individual.

It will be officially announced once it is all approved.  Until then, the SRD grant will continue, and you can collect your Sassa grant a bit earlier than before.

4 big changes coming for grants in South Africa (

The government of South Africa announced that they are planning some big Sassa changes to be made during the 2022 and 2023 book years.  The most important change that you need to know is that payments are made earlier than April 2022.  You can collect your grants from the 2nd of each month or the first weekday after when the 2nd is on a weekend or public holiday.