Applying for Sassa grant. For first time applicants

There is always information about Sassa grants. However, there isn’t any information for those that are applying for Sassa grant for the first time. First-time applicants don’t have all the information that we already might know.

At the end of the day, they don’t apply for Sassa because they don’t know if they qualify and for what grants they do qualify. This is what this information is all about for those that want to apply for a grant for the first time. Now, you will get all the information about the different grants in one place.

More about Sassa

What is Sassa, and what does Sassa stand for? This is one of the most common questions that we are getting from those applying for Sassa grant.

Sassa stands for the South African Social Security Agency. Sassa is mandated by the South African Social Security agency act of 2004. And this is to ensure the provision of comprehensive social security services for the vulnerability and poverty within a legislative framework.

Before applying for Sassa grant, you need to know these facts

There are a couple of information and facts that new people applying for Sassa grant need to know. First of all, every single application needs to be from a legal South African. You need to have a valid South African ID. Or, you need to be a permanent resident, or refugee, living in South Africa. You need to be legally in South Africa.

There are different types of Sassa grants that you can apply for. You need to know that you are applying for the right grant and that you do qualify for the grant. These are the different grants you can apply for at the moment.

  • Child support grant
  • Older person grant
  • Disability grant
  • Care dispensary grant
  • Grand in aid
  • Foster child grant
  • War veteran’s grant
  • SRD grant, temporarily grant

Basic requirements before applying for Sassa grants

It is important to know the basic requirements before applying for Sassa grant. This is to make sure that you know which grant you will qualify for and if you can apply to any of the mentioned grants. These are the basic requirements for each of the grants.

Child support grant

  • You need to be the primary caregiver of a child who lives in South Africa. You need to be legally the caregiver of the child.
  • Needs to provide proof that you are the primary caregiver if you aren’t the biological parent.
  • Children need to be under the age of 18 years. The grant will cancel automatically in the month that the child turns 18 years.
  • You need to qualify for the means test to get your grant application approved.

Older person grant

  • You need to be older than 60 years
  • Should not be cared for in a state institution
  • You aren’t allowed to earn more than R86 280 if you are single or R172 560 if you are married.
  • Not have any assets worth more than R1 227 600 if you are single or R2 455 200 if you are married

Disability grant

  • You need to be between the ages of 18 and 59 years
  • You need to be medically unfit for work by a medical officer. This can be because of mental or physical disability.
  • This can be a permanent or temporarily grant
  • Not get any other grants
  • Not cared for in a state institution

Care dispensary grant

  • This is for children under the age of 18 years. Children with disabilities
  • The child must be found to be permanently and severely medically disabled, mentally or physically
  • The child must not be cared for in a state institution
  • The parent must be the legal guardian of the child

War veteran’s grant

  • You must have fought in World War I, II, or the Korean War.
  • Needs to be over the age of 60 or disabled
  • Not be a recipient of other grants
  • Not cared for in a state institution

Grand in aid

  • You are living on a social grant but can’t take care of yourself you need some added assistance.
  • This is an extra grant for people receiving disability, older persons, or war veterans grants who can’t take care of themselves.
  • Needs to be assessed by a medical officer
  • Not being cared for in a state institution

Applying for Sassa grant: Foster child grant

  • A child must be under the age of 18 years.
  • Court order to prove that you are fostering the child legally
  • The child must remain in the care of the foster parent

Temporarily applying for Sassa grant; SRD grant

  • You need to be above the age of 18 and below the age of 60 years
  • Unemployed and not receiving any social grant
  • Not receiving any Unemployment insurance fund
  • Not receive any government Covid 19 response support

How do I apply for a social grant? | South African Government (

Now, you don’t need to wonder if applying for Sassa grant is a possibility or not. We are giving you all the essential information about Sassa and applying for any of the grants. Too many people don’t know if you can apply for a grant or not. Now, applying for Sassa grant isn’t going to be something unknown to you.