An update about Sassa grant 2022

Each year you need to make sure that you know what the finance minister said about the Sassa grant 2022. If there is any new news and updates that you need to know about.

This is essential to know if you are getting any form of grants during 2022. You might want to know if the Sassa is going to be increased or not. And, if there is any other essential information that you need to know, that you might have missed. We have all the latest information about the Sassa grants that Minister Enoch Godongwana said during the budget speech.

The announcement about the Sassa grant increase for 2022

The minister of Finance has said many things about the Sassa grant increase for 2022. Like the new grant that you can apply for. And, the new amounts and increases that you can expect this year. However, before we can get to all this information, you need to get some background about what was said at the budget speech 2022.

  • Did you know that more than 46% of South African citizens are beneficiaries of one Sassa grant? This is from those that are getting child support, old age people, and the R350 Covid grant.
  • The payment dates are still the same as last year.
  • The SRD or R350 grant is getting paid to more than 10 million people. This means that more than 10 million people are without any form of income.
  • A total of R58,6 billion is set aside for grant payments during 2022.

The changes that were made to the grant 2022

There are a couple of changes that were made to the grants this year. Especially when it comes to the care dependency grant, the disability grant, war veterans grant, and old age grant. They are getting two increases this year. These are the amounts you can expect from Sassa this year.

  • Care dependency grant. Will increase to R1,980 during April and increased with another R10 in October.
  • Disability grant will also increase to R1,980 during April and get an increase of another R10 in October
  • The old-age grant will increase in April to R1 980 and increase with another R10 during October.
  • The war veterans grant will increase to R2 000 in April and gets another R10 extra from October.
  • The Foster care grant will increase to R1 070 from April. They don’t get another increase during October
  • Child support will increase by R20 per child, per month. They will get R480 per month for each child. No increase will be done in October.

New Social grant 2022 announced

The minister of Finance announced a new social grant. This is a type of grant for extended child support. Known as the extended child support grant for double orphans. This is to make sure that orphans are going to family members rather than foster care. If a child is an orphan and taken in by a family member, they are also getting a special form of a grant.

This also allows a child over 16 years that is looking after siblings to get a higher amount to take care of the children, while the caregiver is a child as well.

Payment dates stay as it was during 2021

Many people are complaining about the payment dates that changed during 2020 and 2021. This was because of the Covid pandemic and the importance to keep social distance.

However, this new method of payment stays the same as last year. That the older persons grant, the disability grant, and the child support grant is getting paid on three different days. To limit the number of people going to the pay points to get paid.  At the moment there aren’t any plans in the future to change the payment dates to once a month again. They found that handling a smaller group of people at a time is better.

Everything you need to know in short

We have given so much information on the post, that you already might have forgotten about the essential information that you need to know. Or, you still don’t really understand the changes. These are the most important stuff you need to know about Sassa grants.

  • New grant for orphans available
  • Payment dates stay the same
  • All the Sassa grants increased except for the SRD grant
  • For some of the grants, you are going an increase twice this year
  • The SRD grant is extended for another year

Finance Minister announces 2022 social grant increases | GroundUp

Sassa grants 2022. Getting all the right information about the new Sassa grant payments can be difficult. This is why we are making sure that everyone knows what they need to do to get an approved Sassa grant. These are all the changes that were made during the 2022 budget speech.