American Express gold credit card 2022

When it comes to credit cards, people are normally only thinking about using South African banks for getting a credit card. However, there is one card that will give you international access. This is the American Express gold credit card.

This is more than just another credit card with a fancy name. This is a completely different card with different purposes. The best part is that you will get some benefits that you will not get from any other credit card. These are the things you can do and get that aren’t available with South African bank credit cards. Read more with this full Amex credit card review.

More about American Express

Before you can apply for the American Express gold credit card, you need to understand what this bank is. This isn’t a normal South African bank where you can go to for applying to get a credit card.

American Express is an international financial institution that is focusing on credit cards, processes payments and that is providing travel services worldwide. Their headquarters are in New York, but you can apply for a South African credit card as well.

American Express gold credit card: For everyone

The good news is that the American Express gold credit card is for everyone. This isn’t just for the rich and famous that is traveling all the time. You don’t need to have a high income to apply for this credit card.

Yes, some American Express credit cards have high requirements, but this isn’t the card from American Express. Applying for a credit card is also easy and fast. It doesn’t even matter if you are a frequent traveler, or if you just are looking for a reliable credit card. American Express is the financial institution to consider using.

What you will get out of the credit card

There are three main benefits that you will get from the American Express Gold credit card that you won’t get from other cards. This is exclusive to the American Express credit cards. When you are applying for your gold credit card you will get:

  • A welcome offer is 5 000 bonus membership reward points. There are many different ways that you can use these reward points. You just need to read more about it on the American Express website.
  • You will also receive a monthly lifestyle voucher each month when you spend R3 500 or more per month.
  • The third benefit is that you will get up to twelve visits free per year to the Premier club domestic lounges in South Africa.  This is a great option for the business owner.

Other features and benefits of the American Express gold credit card

It is important to make sure that you know what other benefits you are going to get when you have the American Express gold credit card. These are besides the benefits we already have mentioned.

  • You will earn a membership reward for every R5 eligible spend
  • You will also get basic travel insurance for up to an R4million. It depends on how much you qualify for
  • There are also a lot of travel benefits, including the travel insurance, that you will get when you have an gold credit card.
  • You can use your credit card in more than 200 countries, and you don’t need to worry about different currencies anymore.
  • You will also have a payment protection plan of R150 000 in the event of your death or retrenchment.

Applying for your gold credit card

Before you can apply, you need to make sure that you know the requirements for getting your Amex gold credit card.

You need to know that the fee for the credit card starts at R32 and you will need to have a monthly income of about R5 000 before you can apply.  You can apply online or request that they call you back.

American Express gold credit card is one of the best cards you can get. They might be strict with their requirements, but they are offering some great benefits that you will not get from any other financial institution. If you are looking for a credit card, you can consider any one of the credit cards from American Express.