All you need to know about SRD Sassa R350 covid grant

This is everywhere and everyone is still talking about it. The SRD Sassa R350 covid grant that was implemented during the Covid pandemic. When people were without work and when people struggled to put food on the table.

Now it is 2022 and the covid grant is continuing. What do you need to know about the grant, that you still might not know? And, what has changed since 2020 with the grant? Why is the grant still active even if the state of disaster is canceled? We are telling you all. The truth, the secrets, and the latest news about it.

What is the SRD Sassa R350 covid grant?

Let’s get to know the SRD Sassa R350 covid grant first. What is this grant, why was it created, and why are we still able to apply for the grant? The grant was instated in March 2020 when the world experienced the Covid Pandemic and everyone was on a hard lockdown. It was instated under the National State of disaster act and was supposed to be active for only 6 months.

As the pandemic continued, the government realized that there is still a need for the grant, and the grant was extended for another period. It was extended again, and in March 2022, the final extension was made until March 2023.

However, with the National State of disaster act that ended in April 2022, the covid grant will continue, but under new rules. Rules that you need to know about.

Now that the disaster has ended, can you still apply for the grant?

The National State of a disaster ended at the beginning of April 2022. What is now happening to the SRD Sassa R350 covid grant that was instated under the disaster act? The president announced that the grant will continue to March 2023 as planned. But, under new rules and not under the disaster act.

Meaning that everyone that qualifies for the grant needs to reapply. However, you then don’t need to reapply again. You will get the payment until your situation changes.

Different methods to apply for the SRD Sassa R350 covid grant

There are many different methods on how to apply for the SRD Sassa R350 covid grant. However, it is essential to make sure that you are only choosing one of these platforms to apply for the grant. There is no reason why you should use different application methods.

You can choose any of these methods to apply for the covid grant. The only thing that you can’t do is to go to the nearest Sassa office to apply there. These offices are only available to those that are applying for other Sassa grants. You will not get any assistance there. These are the different methods for applying for the grant.

  • Going directly to the official SRD website. There you will get step-by-step guidance on how to apply on the site.
  • You can use the WhatsApp service to apply via your phone. The number you should use is 082 046 8553.
  • Making use of the USSD line. You should just dial *134*7737#. Follow the instructions to apply
  • The GovChat can also be used. The site is\
  • And, you can go to Facebook and apply at the page.

The right method to receive your grant?

You know now how you can apply for the SRD Sassa R350 covid grant. However, do you know your options for receiving your grant? Just a month ago, you could have collected your Sassa grant at the Post Office or Pick n Pay store, or Checkers and boxer stores. But now it has changed. Now, you can only make use of the stores to collect your grant. The Post office isn’t an option for the R350 collection anymore.

However, there are still other methods for receiving your grant. You can get the grant paid directly with a deposit into your bank account. Meaning that your money will be available faster than with other payment methods. And, it is a lot more convenient. The only thing is that you might need to pay banking fees.

You can also make use of Post bank or the cash send services. This is where you can make use of your ID and your cellphone number to access your grant. You will need to have a Rica cellphone number in your name to qualify for this method.

Post Office canceling their grant collection option

Since the beginning of May 2022, you can’t collect your SRD Sassa R350 covid grant at the post office anymore. They have canceled this payment method because of various reasons. The most important reason was that they can’t handle all the long queues and deliver on their normal Post Office duties.

However, this is just for the R350 grant. Other grants are still collectible at the Post Office as normal. You can make use of other collecting options for your grant, or you can change to bank deposits. Changing the payment method is easy and you can do it directly at the Sassa website.

When you don’t want to collect your grant, how can you change to receiving it through your bank?

Changing your payment method from collecting to bank deposit, isn’t as hard as many people think. You just need to have your own bank account in your name, a Rica registered phone and your ID card. You can log into the Sassa website and follow the guide to change to a bank deposit.

It won’t take long to switch to a bank payment option, and you will get your money paid directly into your bank the next month. It only takes 30 days to change.

SRD Sassa R350 covid grant. Active since 2020 during the Covid Pandemic. And, it will cancel in March 2022. There are already a couple of things that have changed since 2020. Like how to apply for the grant, where and how to collect the grant, and that the grant is now operational under new rules. The national state of disaster has ended and they needed to find new regulations for the covid grant. If you qualify for the grant, you have until March 2023 to apply. Everyone that is qualifying and even has gotten their grant approved, needs to reapply now that the grant is under new rules.