5G for all South Africans by 2024

This was announced during the March 2022 budget speech. The minister of Communications and digital technologies said that they are aware of the high demand for quality internet access and 5G internet.

And, they promise that by 2024 each and every South African in cities and suburbs will have access to 5G internet. She urged all networks to start installing and building new towers that will be accessible to faster and more reliable internet. There is much information that you might need to know about this announcement, in order for you to understand what it will mean to you.  

The start of 5G for South Africa has begun

In most other countries 5G is already in their cities and suburbs. They are already making use of this internet connection to give faster and more reliable internet and data to their citizens.

However, for South Africa, this is only the start. There are only a few of these towers installed and in working order. This is why the minister has spoken to the country, saying that they plan to give access to the internet to everyone living here.  And, they have increased the government’s funds to create higher quality towers and faster internet. They calculated that this project will be done by 2024.  

The minister announced plans to give all citizens access to 5G

The minister has announced her plans to give all citizens access to 5G. This doesn’t mean that all South Africans will get this network free. 5G networks are expensive and you will need to pay for them, to use them.

What she is actually saying is that they will ensure that there are network towers everywhere in the country. So, everyone has the option to switch to a better and more reliable network. At the moment less than half of the population has access to data and the internet. Making it hard to make use of the technology that so many people are using on a daily basis.

Upgrade their towers and will give full access to all South Africans

The minister gave orders to all the network providers to upgrade their towers to 5G. To make sure that new towers are built and that by the end of 2024, every citizen has access to the internet. To high quality and fast internet and data.

However, again this doesn’t mean that you will now get access to the internet for free. It only means that everyone will now have access to the best internet towers. That you can decide which network you want to use, and which one you can afford. Not just using the one network where you have a signal from.

Consider cheaper prices for internet as well

Not only want the government to ensure that every person has the opportunity to get 5G internet. They are also considering making sure that the internet fees are cheaper as well.

At the moment South Africa is one of the more expensive countries when it comes to data and internet access. And, the government wants to make sure that this is changing. They already have ordered the cellphone networks to lower their fees for their data during 2021. And, they don’t think that this is cheap enough. It is still expensive to use data and the internet. Especially to those that don’t have the financials to get and use data.

Everyone has the right to high-quality, and affordable 5G internet

I don’t matter if you are living in one of the biggest cities in South Africa, or if you are living in the suburbs. One thing is clear. Everyone has the right to high-quality and affordable 5G internet. And, to make sure that everyone can afford to pay the internet fees for accessing the internet.

At the moment this isn’t the case. Most people don’t even have access to 3G networks. And, if they have a 5G network near them, it is so expensive that most people can’t afford it. And, this is about to change.

Earlier this year the government announced that 5G will be made available for all South Africans. That they will make sure that everyone can afford the internet. And, that it will have a high-quality option that you can choose that you can afford as well. These are everything you need to know about the announcement from the minister about the 5G that is going to be installed everywhere during 2024