After choosing the type of Australian personal loan that suits your credit needs, you need to consider the type of interest rate and the characteristics you want.

Type of interest rate

It is important to choose the type of interest that suits your needs and financial situation out one personal loan. There are basically two options:

Fixed interest rate:

With a fixed interest rate loan, your interest rate remains the same for the duration of the loan, which makes budget planning easier. If you are afraid of raising interest rates, this is an attractive option. Guys, you may not be able to afford it in the future.

Of course, there are some disadvantages, such as usually higher rates and fees, and less flexible features such as additional refunds and easy redrawing (see the full description below). In addition, if you choose to repay early, fixed-rate loans usually incur fees.

Variable interest rate:

On the other hand, the interest rate of a floating rate loan may change at any time. If your service provider decides to increase the floating rate of your personal loan, you will be at risk. Variable rate loans usually have lower interest rates and fees and more flexible functions.

Personal loan characteristics and Features

The characteristics of Australian personal loan are very important and should not be ignored. Here are some of the different features you can find when comparing personal loans:

Additional payment or repayments:
You never know where you are in your financial journey, so it’s best to have a personal loan with additional amortization payments, which you can add Loan repayment surcharge to pay off the loan in advance.

Redraw service:
Similarly, you never know when you will accidentally receive a bill. Another useful feature is the recall feature, which allows you to gain insight into additional loan payments. Although this defeats the purpose of these additional refunds in the first place, it is best to leave it as an emergency.

Flexible payment frequency:
The beauty of the flexible payment option is that you can adjust it according to your usual payment schedule. Assuming that your employer pays you every two weeks, you can repay the loan every two weeks.

Hack: One of the benefits of bi-weekly payments is that you pay more loans in a year than you pay monthly.

For example, if your monthly payment is $1,000, you must pay $12,000 per year, if your two-week payment is $500, then you will have to pay $13,000 because there are 26 bi-weekly payments in a year Give.

Therefore, if you choose to repay every two weeks, you will save an additional $1,000 for each year of the loan term, thus speeding up the repayment process.

How do I find the best Australian personal loan?

Now that you know the types of personal loans and the characteristics that need attention, you may want to know how to get a lot of loans. Follow these quick steps…

Step 1: Compare personal loans

  1. Compare personal loans: You can use a free personal loan comparison tool to start your search.
  2. Exchange and savings: Or, if you are considering refinancing, you can use their exchange and savings calculator to see how your current personal loan compares with other loans in the database, and find out which one is for you the savings in interest and commissions are the most.

Step 2: Narrow your list

  1. After you dial the number, personal loan calculator will display a list of loans that may match your search.
  2. Then you can select your favorites in advance by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the product information.
  3. Can’t decide between two loans? Use their personal loan comparison calculator for side-by-side comparisons.

Step 3. Start applying for a personal loan

Once you have selected a loan that you are satisfied (and eligible) and are ready to apply, next to the loan you want to apply for, you can continue to click the blue button “Go to the website” of the provider’s website, you can make an online query in it.

If you are ready to start comparing personal loans, please scroll down to the comparison tool at the top of this page. To learn more about personal loans, please visit our personal loan reference center.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide general information only for educational purpose. It does not consider the financial situation or needs of readers and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for any financial product. Before making a decision based on this information, you should consider seeking financial advice.