Most people have the new Sassa payment card by now. This is a card that is quite different from the older one. Came into use during April 2021. This isn’t just the normal card you already have. This is actually a card that you can use at ATMs and in-stores.

The thing is that not many people are getting the right information about the card. And, this is why so many people are still not using the card correctly. This is why our guide is so important. It will make it easier to understand why this card is making the lives of Sassa grant recipients so much easier. These are the things you need to know about the new payment card.

What is making the new card special

Many things are making the new Sassa payment card so special. Things that you will not be able to do with your old card.

  • This is a smart payment Mastercard. You can use it as a Mastercard, anywhere you normally would use a bank card.
  • The card has a chip that has all your personal information on it. Not only are your information on the chip, but your fingerprint and the secret pin are printed on the chip.
  • This card is for those that are changing their payment methods from collecting from pay points to bank transfers.

What you need to know about the payment card

This is a card where your money is paid into. All your Sassa grant payments will be transferred to the card. Normally it happens on the first day of each month. You can then access the money whenever you need to.

You don’t need to stand in long queues anymore to collect your grant. However, you need to keep the card safe at all times. As we said, all your information is printed on the card. When you lost your card, you need to report it immediately to your nearest Sassa office.

The benefits of the Sassa payment card

If you are still wondering if you should apply for the Sassa payment card, then these benefits will make it easier for you to decide. These are the benefits that you will get from the new card, that you will not get from the normal Sassa card.

  • You will get free withdrawals from the Sassa card.
  • No banking fees for when your grant is paid onto your card.
  • You can make free payments with the card. No fees when you make a payment or withdraw your money.
  • You will also get a free balance check on any of the ATMs.

Your responsibility with the new card

There are a couple of things that you need to know about the responsibility with the new Sassa payment card. You need to keep the card safe. Only the first replacement of the card is free. Thereafter, you will pay a service fee for replacing the card.

Your secret pin also needs to be kept a secret. No one should know what your pin is. Not even your family members. This is illegal to let anyone else know what your pin is.

It is also illegal for anyone else to have your card. There are a new tendency at the moment where you are getting a lone, and give your Sassa card as security. This is actually illegal because no one else is supposed to have your card with them.

What you need to do with a damaged Sassa card

When your card is damaged, lost, or stolen, you need to get in touch with the Sassa helpline. The first thing that they need to do, is to block your card. Then, you should visit the nearest branch to apply for a new card. If the card was stolen, you will need to take the police report with you, to prove that you have lost the card.

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You can consider applying for the new Sassa payment card. Especially if you want to change your payment method from collecting at the Post Office to get your grant paid into the new payment card. There are really many reasons why this is something you need to consider. You just need to make sure that you always keep the card and the secret pin safe.