Different provinces have different driver’s license renewal fees. In general, it will cost you between R185 and R300 to renew your license. A temporary license will cost between R90 and R100.

If you live in Gauteng, you might consider using the new online renewal site. Make renewing your license easier. These are all the different license renewal fees for 2021 in the four largest provinces.


Driver’s license renewal fees for KwaZulu Natal

  • Driver’s license renewal between R250 and R300
  • A temporary license cost R90

If you live in KwaZulu Natal, you will need to pay cash. There aren’t any card facilities available at the moment. It depends on the town or city that you are renewing your license at. A temporary license might also be needed.

Meaning that when your license is about to expire, you will need to pay for the renewal, but you also need to pay for the temporary license as well. Otherwise, you might get into trouble when driving with an expired license.

The renewal fees in Johannesburg, Gauteng

  • License renewal is between R228 and R260
  • Temporary license will cost between R72 and R100

The renewal fees in Johannesburg, are also mostly the same for all the other cities in Gauteng. Most places around Gauteng accept cash and credit card for payment. If you need to get a temporary license, You will pay and additional fee.

When you are going to Randburg for your license renewal, you will need to have two black and white photos. Edenvale license department asks for a copy of your license when you are going to renew. Remember to take one with you.

Cape town driver’s license renewal fees

  • Renewal fee for driver’s license is R185
  • Temporary license is free

Did you know that when you are in Cape Town, you are paying the least amount for your driver’s license renewal? The fee will also include the temporary license. We don’t really know why Cape Towns’ license renewal is so much cheaper than other places in South Africa.

Mpumalanga’s renewal fees

  • Driver’s license renewal is between R185 and R250
  • Temporary license is between R90 and R100

To get your license renewal done in Mpumalanga, you will need to have your ID and a copy of your ID, your old driving license card, or a valid South African passport. You also need to have four black and white ID photos. But, some places take digital photos, so you need to make sure about it before you go.

Then, you will need to have your proof of residential address. Even if you live in an informal settlement, you must bring proof of where you are staying.


New booking system in Gauteng

In Gauteng, they are trying a new booking system online. This is to make sure that the backlog that there is in Gauteng can be overcome. You will need to go To the Natis online system, in order for you to apply online. You will need to complete the application, and the notification or change of address if needed.

After the online application, you will need to do an eye test by your optometrist of your choice and take the results to your nearest office. And, remember that you need to have cash. At the moment they are all just taking cash for the online booking system.

Before you can go for your driver’s license renewal, you will need to know what the fees are first. Different provinces and towns are asking for different fees. Some places also don’t take any other payment than cash. It’s important to know everything about the requirements before you visit your nearest branch.