Getting a short-term loan is one of the fast and flexible ways to secure quick cash when your cash flow is lacking. Their repayment period is shorter than traditional personnel that provides a desirable option for small businesses that are not able to secure a line of credit from banks. So if you want to get a short-term loan to raise your finance, you are on the right platform. Sunny Bank is one of the high-profile payday lenders that provides fast yet flexible Sunny Short Term Personal Loan to raise your finance. They enhance their client’s financial wellness by providing well registered, highly responsible, and transparent loans. 

Let’s take a glance at some of the crucial features:

Sunny Bank comes with loan ranges from ₤ 100 to ₤ 2500 with differing repayment periods. They provide a wide range of payment choices with functional loan quantities so you can choose the best loan strategy that ideally fits your budget, finance, and living style. Usually, their loan terms range between 6 to 14 months, depending on your preferred loan amount. 

One of Sunny Short Term Personal Loan most significant advantages is their loans are available for people with both bad and good credit scores. So if you have a bad credit score and are turned down by other lenders, you can still get the loan from Sunny loans. As they are meant for short-term emergencies so you can get an instant loan as soon as possible within 15 minutes. Plus, you can also settle the loan earlier or even pay more monthly to work out the loan early and save money. 

Moreover, they provide five days to their customers to change their minds. Thus, if you want to repay the loan fully within five days, they won’t charge any interest rate. Also, they don’t charge any organization fee or extra charges to apply for a loan. Even you won’t have to pay any penalties in case of late payments. 

APR for Sunny Short term Personal Loans

Their interest rate and repayment terms mainly depend upon the amount you borrow, credit score, financial circumstance, and expenditure. The representative APR ranges from 237% for an amount of £2200 over 14 months to 1266% per annum for an amount of £100 over six months. 

For further clarification, we can take a representative example: If you borrow an amount of £1500 with a seven-month repayment term. Your representative APR will be 824% based on the fixed interest rate of 244% per annum. The total amount payable would be £2842.81 with monthly increments of £406.11. 

How to Apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan at Sunny is easy and effortless. You can apply online on their site and get instant approval. You can also check their FAQ section to get further information. Once they approve your application, you will get funds transfer into your account within fifteen minutes. Moreover, if you require any further info or have queries, they love to provide complete information via their phone line seven days a week. Simply drop a line at 0800 7315 444 or visit any of its branches from Monday to Friday.