Sassa short for South African social security agency, is the agency of the department of social development. This is paying Sassa grants allowances to the low-class people. People that don’t get enough income to make a living or that is struggling to support themselves or family members Tired of dealing with the stress of trying to sell your Deltona house? Let this home buying company make it easy for you:

Even if many South Africans know a lot about Sassa, there might be some unanswered questions. And, this is what this guide is all about. To assist you with any of the common Sassa-related questions.

The different grants Sassa is paying

For what Sassa grant can you apply for? How many different Sassa grants are there and to which one can you apply? These are questions that we are getting a lot. People know that they can apply for Sassa, but they don’t know which one they can apply for. These are the different Sassa grant options you can apply for.

  • Child support grant. This is for parents with children younger than 18 years that can’t support them properly.
  • Foster child grant. This is when you are supporting a child that isn’t biological yours, but that is given to you by the courts.
  • Care Dependency grant. This grant is for parents with children with disabilities. The child needs to be younger than 18 years.
  • Disability grant. For adults older than 18 years that has a disability. The disability needs to be proven by a state doctor.
  • Older person grant
  • War veterans grant
  • Grand-in-aid
  • Social relief of distress grant or the SRD grant

Payment dates released for Sassa grants

Payment dates for Sassa grants have changed. Before 2020 the dates were combined and you collected all your grants on the same date. However, after the pandemic, the dates have changed.

For the normal social grants, the payment dates are announced a month before the actual date. The payments are normally done in the first week of each month. Look out for the new Sassa payment dates.

Requirements for claiming any Sassa grant

What are the requirements for claiming any Sassa grant? This is something that you need to know about before you can apply for any Sassa grant payments. These are the people that can apply for Sassa.

  • Parents and caregivers from lower-income households with children younger than 18 years
  • Caregivers that were given custody of any children by the court
  • Parents with children with severe physical or mental disabilities younger than 18 years
  • Those who are aged between 18 years and 59 years with severe physical or mental disabilities that make them unfit to work.
  • People older than 60 years with no other means of financial income or pension.
  • Those that have fought in the first or second world war or the Korean war can’t support themselves.

Current Sassa grant payments

How much will you get from the Sassa grant payments? These are the amounts you can expect at the moment. But it will change during the new book year of the country. Then, it will normally increase a bit.

  • Older person 60 years to 74 years are R1 890
  • Older persons older than 74 will receive R1 890 + R20
  • Veterans will receive R1 890+R20
  • Disability grants are R1 890
  • Care dependency is R1 890
  • Foster Child is R1050
  • Child support is R460 per child
  • Grand in aid is R460

What is the Social assistance amendment act of 2020

In 2020 a new legislation regarding the Sassa grant was passed and will come into effect in April 2021. It is important to know what the changes are:

  • A top-up child support grant for orphans has been created for family members that are waiting for a court order to get support for the state.
  • Children that are heading child-headed households are qualifying for child support grants
  • An independent Tribunal can appeal against the decision made by Sassa
  • An independent inspectorate can monitor the integrity of the Sassa system.

SASSA FAQs: Here is everything you need to know about grants (

These are all the essential information you need to know about the Sassa grant payments. These are things that you will not always find online. This will make sure that you know if you qualify for the Sassa grant, and how the Sassa grant is actually working. If you meet the requirements for Sassa, you can always apply for the grant payment.