One of the lasted additions to Sassa is the new Sassa card transaction. This is where you can get your money paid into if you don’t have a bank account. This is known as the payment at a go Sassa card. The reason for this card is to make the queues shorter during the Covid Pandemic.

We are going to assist you and make sure that you are getting all the information about the Sassa card transaction limits. And, to make sure that you know what you need to do to increase your transaction limit as well.

Do you have any transaction amount limits for the Sassa card payment at a go?

This is if you don’t want to pay for something and then you already have used the maximum amount spend a day. Meaning that you won’t have any money for the next 24 hours.

It’s important to know that there are cases where you do have a Sassa card transaction limit for withdrawing money in a day. And, if you don’t want to have this limit, you need to have certain documents at hand to change the limit. Documents needed is

  • your ID doccument
  • and proof of resident

What is the limit of Sassa card transactions?

When you have registered for the Sassa card, you need to provide your identity document and proof of where you are staying. If you are giving both these documents, you don’t really have a limit on the amount that you can withdraw. You just need to know that you are limited to R5,000 for ATM withdrawals. But you don’t have any daily limit of how many you can withdraw.

However, when you only gave a copy of your ID and do not give proof of where you live, then you will have a daily limit on how much money you can use. You can then only spend R5,000 per day or R25,000 in a month in South Africa. And, you aren’t allowed to have more than R25,000 in your account.

Info that you need to know

These are really important info that you need to remember.

  • Something that you need to know is that when you are spending more than your limit, the transaction will fail.
  • You might need to take your card with your identity documents and proof of residence to your nearest Sassa office immediately.
  • The moment that you do this, your account will not be blocked, and you will be able to do transactions after 24 hours.
  • If you don’t have given proof of residence with your registration, you will need to make sure that you don’t go over your daily limit, to avoid going to the Sassa offices again.

What proof can you provide about where you staying for your Sassa card transaction?

What proof can you provide about where you are staying? Especially if you want to take off the limit that you have on your Sassa card? Many people don’t understand exactly what proof they can provide to the Sassa offices. These are all legitimate ways of proving your living address:

  • Electricity or water bill
  • Municipal rates or tax invoice
  • Recent bank statements or financial statements with any other financial institution
  • Lease agreement

You need to remember that the document stipulated above should be less than 3 months old. It should also show your name and your home address on. These are the only documents you can use successfully.

Is there a limit on the Sassa card payment at a go? Or, can you use any amount of money you have available on the card? If you have submitted an Identity document and your proof of residence, you only have a limit of R5,000 withdrawal at a time. But you don’t have a daily limit. With the proof of residence, you can only withdraw R5,000 per day, and you will only have R25,000 withdrawal in a month.