Santander is an ideal customer-focused emerging name in the UK banking industry that has grown significantly to form a full-service retail and commercial bank. They provide an extensive array of services, from credit cards to mortgage and personal loans. So whether you want to buy a car, consolidate debt, finance a wedding, or any ceremonial function, Santander can help you overcome your financial shortfall. They provide low-cost personal with easy to manage repayment methods without charging any fee. Let’s have a quick look at the features and policies of Santander Personal Loan.

Features of Santander personal Loan:

Santander offers competitive personal loans in a range between £1,000 to £25,000 with a manageable repayment period of one to five years. Their lowest representative APR is 3.0%, based on the fixed Santander personal loan interest rate of 3%. However, the final APR will be subject to change according to your

  • credit score,
  • financial circumstance,
  • and the total amount you want to borrow.

The maximum APR, a customer, can receive is up to 24.9% which is pretty lesser than other competitors in the market. 

Representative example:

Suppose you want to borrow a loan of £10,000 with a repayment term of three years, your representative APR will be 3.0%. The total repayable amount you have to pay will be £10,462.68 with monthly increments of £290.63. However, this estimated APR is for illustrative purposes, only to give you a quick idea. Your final interest will subject to change according to your credit score and financial circumstances. Moreover, you can also repay the loan before the due date or once without paying any extra charges. 

Requirements to apply for a loan at Santander bank:

If you have decided to get a loan from Santander bank, you must be over 21 years old, have a good to excellent credit score, and be a permanent UK resident with a gross income of £6,000 per year. Most importantly, the customer doesn’t have IVA, CCJ, or been declared in bankruptcy in the past six years. An excellent credit score can help you to score a big loan with the lowest APR. If you don’t have a good credit score, you may have difficulty getting a personal loan from Santander Bank. 

How to Apply for a personal loan at Santander Bank?

You can apply for a loan at Santander bank either online or over the phone in a branch. After receiving your application, they will do a soft credit check without leaving any footprint and email you within 24 hours. Once your application gets approved, you will receive your desired money within two working days.

So you don’t need to provide any collateral or extra charges for getting a personal loan. Submit your application on the Santander bank website and get an instant approval for your dreams to come true. Hence, save your money with Santander and invest it in a better way to maintain your finances. For further information and queries, go on or call on 0800 876 6386.