There are some delays with the R350 SRD grant payments. Especially with the Cash send payment option. If you are one of those that are making use of the cash send payment option with your SRD grant, you need to read it here. This will ensure that you will still receive your payments.

Cash send payments is where you collect your SRD grant payments from your ATM and not at the Post Office. Some people don’t have this option available, because not all banks have signed agreements with Sassa to activate the option. Here is everything you need to know about it.

R350 SRD grant payment delayed

This is an important notice. The R350 SRD grant payments from the cash send payment option is delayed. There are many people that not received their payments yet.

  • It is recommended that you should check your status update of your R350 SRD to ensure that you still receive your payments.
  • Other payment methods are still up to date, and that you can make use of if you are one of the people struggling to receive your payment via the ATM.

Cash send payments unavailable at the moment

The reason for the cash sends payments that are unavailable in because banks didn’t sign the agreement between them and Sassa to activate this service. There are some banks that have signed the deal and that are providing this service to their clients. These clients have received their grant payments each month.

However, if you don’t receive your payments yet, you should consider changing your payment option on the Sassa official site. Or, you should change banks so that you can receive your payment via the cash send payment option.

You can contact the Sassa office to get the banks that still allow the cash send payment option. Making it easier to know to which bank you should change to.

The best method for collecting your grant SRD is to visit the official Sassa pay points on the selected day you will get notified too.

Changing payment methods for R350 SRD grant is easy

The good news is that changing payment methods on your R350 SRD grant is easy. In just a couple of steps, you will be able to change the payment method.

  • You need to phone the Sassa helpline or visit the official Sassa SRD website
  • You will need to have your Smart-ID at hand, with your telephone number. The telephone number needs to be registered in your own name.
  • If you want to change bank accounts, you will need to have the new banking details available. It needs to be your own bank account, in your own name.
  • You will need to show proof of residence when you want to collect payment.

The different payment options you can choose from are:

  • Collecting at Post Office pay point on selected days. You get notified when you can collect your payment.
  • Cash send payments. This isn’t available for all bank networks, so you should make sure about this option before you change to the cash send payment.
  • Direct bank deposit. This is where you are getting your payment paid directly into your bank account. You will be paying depositing fees here.
  • You can get your payment at any PicknPay and other approved collection points.

Reconsiderations delayed, needs to keep an eye for Sassa status update

Another important thing that you need to know is that the Reconsideration application is delayed. Meaning that you might need to wait a bit longer to see if your reconsideration application was approved or delayed.

You can apply for reconsideration if you feel that they decline your R350 SRD grant payment unlawfully. This happens that they got the wrong information and they think that you don’t qualify. You can apply for reconsideration to see if you can get your SRD grant or not.

This is something that you can check online at your Sassa status. They will tell you the reason why you were declined, or they will give you, your first payday.  

SASSA R350 Grant: What No Payment Date Means | Skills Portal

This is essential information that you need to know. That some of the cash send payments are delayed because of banks not signing the contract with Sassa. If you have asked for the cash send payments, and you didn’t receive your payment yet, you need to apply for a different payment method. We are giving you all the information about changing the payment method. Making things easier for you, to change your method of payment without any problems.