You need to apply for the R350 Sassa grant if you want to get payments till March 2022. Before you can apply, you also need to make sure that you know the requirements. The most important requirement is that you need to be a South African and that you are living in South Africa.

Many people have been declined because they didn’t apply correctly, or because they don’t meet the minimum requirements.

What is the R350 Sassa grant?

The R350 Sassa grant is known as the Social relief for distress grant. This happens because the President declared a National State of disaster because of the Covid19 pandemic.  This is also where the Covid 19 Social relief of distress grant or SRD of R350 was introduced for 6 months.

The first SRD was stopped during April 2021. However, it was implemented again in August 2021 and will close in March 2022. The grant is for people that:

  • Doesn’t have any income during the pandemic
  • That is unemployed and can’t get any work
  • Don’t get any other grant payments from Sassa.

The relief grant application reopened after the closure in April 2021

The first SRD payments closed in April 2021. The pandemic was under control and most people returned to normal working hours.  It was said that most people can now apply for work and go back to work for those that were at home because of businesses on lockdown.

However, because of the distress during July 2021, it was decided that people will need the R350 social grant again. Businesses were destroyed and people lay off, because of loss of income. Setting South Africa’s unemployment rate higher again. This is the information that you need to know about the Sassa SRD grant.

  • Those who qualified during the first payouts don’t automatically qualify again.
  • The first payments of the second SRD grants started in August 2021
  • And, it will run until March 2022
  • If you were declined with the first set of SRD grants, you can reapply again. Trying to get approved again.
  • You will need to sign a declaration and consent for information being validated before the application can be approved.

Places where you can apply for the R350 Sassa grant

There are two main places or main website portals from Sassa that you can choose to apply for your R350 Sassa grant. They are both easy to use.

There are complaints that apps like the Moya App don’t go through when they use the app to apply for the grant. However, at the moment this can’t be confirmed. These are things you need to know about the two website portals you can use to apply for the R350.

  • The first website is the official SRD website.
  • The second website is known as the Govchat web portal
  • You just need to select the application option on both the websites
  • You will need to have phone data or wifi in order to use these websites
  • Don’t ask someone else to do it for you, it’s illegal
  • Your cell phone and bank account need to be in your name before you apply

The requirements of getting approved for the Sassa grant

You will only be considered if you are meeting all the requirements of getting your R350 Sassa grant. You need to meet all the requirements, and not just one or two to get considered. It’s important to make sure about the requirements:

  • Need to be a South African, permanent resident, or refugee that is registered on the home affairs system.
  • You need to live in South Africa
  • Need to be older than 18 years of age
  • Unemployed and looking for work
  • Not receiving any income whatsoever
  • Not receiving any Sassa grants during the SRD payment period
  • Not getting UIF payments, or qualifying to get any UIF payments
  • Not receiving anything from NSFAS or any other income or subsidized funds from the state

What to do after the completion of the application

There are a couple of things that you need to do when you have completed the application form for getting the Sassa grant. To make sure that you applied correctly.

  • Double check the application form for any incorrect information or mistakes made with answers.
  • Make sure that you fill in every question on the application form
  • The phone number you entered is active and registered in your name
  • You should also make sure that the proof of resident that you attached is not older than three months.

Then, you need to just wait for the application to be approved or declined. There isn’t a specific time that you will wait before hearing if your application was successful. It depends on the number of applications that are waiting for approval.

How to know that you are approved

Just because you qualify for the R350 Sassa grant, doesn’t automatically approve.  You can check on your Sassa profile to see if you are approved or not. And, if you aren’t approved you will see the reason there as well.

Normally, you will get an SMS to let you know that you have been approved or not.  This is why you need to make sure that you have entered the right phone number.

Once you are approved for the R350 Sassa grant

Once you are approved for the Sassa grant, you will start getting your R350 each month. However, there are a couple of things you need to know first.

  • You will get an SMS to tell you the date for collecting your R350 grant
  • They are reassessing your application each month to see if you still qualify for the grant
  • You can choose between two other payment methods if you don’t want to collect your Sassa grant from the pay points.

There are two ways on how you can apply for the R350 Sassa grant. Both are going online for getting the application form. However, you can also go to the Sassa offices for assistance if you can’t access the websites. After making sure that you qualify for the grant, you can fill in the application form and make sure that all your information is correct. This will ensure that you get your grant payments until March 2022.