Whether it is a ceremonial function, a dream car, or your house, M&S offers flexible loans with easy repayment methods and competitive interest rates. They help you to get loans as small as £1000 and as large as £25000. Their loan terms range from 1 to 7 years, making your repayment flexible and effortless. However, you will get a fixed interest rate for MS bank Personal loan, which means your monthly repayment remains the same throughout the loan term. So, if any rise and fall occur in the market interest rate, it will not affect your monthly repayment.

The minimum interest rate you can receive on your loan is up to 3%. But of course, the actual interest rate you will receive on your loan will depend on your credit score, financial circumstances, repayment options, the amount you borrow, and your expenditure. 

Representative example: If you borrow an amount of £5,000 with a repayment term of 36 months. You would make 36 monthly payments of £146.60, and your total amount repayable will be £5,277.60. Representative 3.6% APR, 3.6% (fixed) p.a..

How to Apply for a loan at MS Bank

MS bank offers an easy, fast and comfortable application process. You can apply online, via phone or in your local branch. Anyone with age 18 or over can apply for a personal loan at MS bank. Applicants must be a UK resident and earn at least £10,000 a year. If you want to apply for a loan at MS bank, you can fill your application online. It takes only 9 minutes to apply online; they will do a soft check of your credit without leaving any footprint on your credit score. If you are eligible, they will approve within 48 hours. Once you get approved for the loan, your money will get transferred into your account within three working days.

MS Bank also offers the option of taking a second loan or an additional loan to repay your existing loan. They provide their customers with all of the necessary information they need about their loans and explain how the lending process works and how you can save money by investing in these products. Also, you can defer your repayment up to three months after taking the loan. But note that banks charge you interest for this period, so delaying repayment can increase your overall repayable amount. However, your credit score should not get affected by deferring repayment. 

So if you are interested in getting a loan from MS Bank, you can come in to ask for help. They will provide all the information needed for your companies. Plus, they do not charge any arrangement and set up fee.

How to Contact MS Bank

You can contact M&S Bank via:

Online: through the internet banking app

Phone: 0800 997 996 (applications)

0345 900 0900 (customer services/complaints)

0800 363 459 (internet banking)

Post: M&S Bank

       PO Box 10565

       51 Saffron Road


       LE18 9FT