Do you want to keep on struggling to meet your ends or want to reach your financial goals quickly? If you’re here, chances are that you’re looking to boost your income and looking forward to excel in your career. 

The concept of financial success is different for everyone- Whether you want to do something for your family or develop a career, financial success is something we all strive to achieve. So as soon as we graduate and get a job, our main concern is to gain financial success. The world has become very competitive and moving forward in your career and achieving financial success has become imperative. 

In this post I’ll be sharing my personal experience and tell you how I was able to turn my income into a 6-figure one. The purpose of this post is not to brag but to help you unwrap the secrets of financial success that lead to high income. Also, these are the things that you won’t be told by everyone so be attentive while you read them!

How I started earning 6-figure income by learning basic life skills

Throughout my life, I acquired 3 highly beneficial skills that helped me increase my income to a 6-figure one. These skills are very easily accessible to all those who are willing to acquire them. This is going to be a 2-minute high-value read!

Learn to market yourself

The key is to learn to dominate the internet– it is always necessary to have a portfolio that tells the world about what work you do. Your body of work will tell you what value you offer to your prospective client. You must be confident about yourself, even if you don’t have a degree, there are a plethora of options for you to explore. Read here about how you can earn a lot from home jobs without having a degree!

I started learning as soon as I got my hands on a computer when I was just 16 years old. On the road to learning to market myself, I managed to get the attention of many clients without even applying for the job. My body of work and reputation started building up and it helped me grab a place in one of the best high schools in London. 

Earn through self-education

Success doesn’t come overnight, but if you follow a particular ‘framework’ of financial success, it gets easier. I didn’t have that framework of success at that time, if I had it, I would have achieved what I have today many years ago. Now i’m a successful entrepreneur who earns £5000 per month. 

The first thing you need to do is to make a goal- it occurred to me that if I earned around £200 to £400 daily, I would be able to generate a high income of 6 figures. Now the question to ask yourself is what skill or value you can offer to the people? For that you’ll have to acquire skills and develop a reputation so that the market sees you as a high-value person. 

Most of the things that I’ve learnt are through self-education- My ability to speak in public was polished when I had to present my work to the clients. The development of my visual communication skills started when I was a child- I used to draw, take pictures, and then learnt graphic designing. 

Learn recession proof and future proof skills

Think about those skills which never lose their worth as time passes. My life had been about the internet during my early stages of life, that is, from 16 to 25 years of age. This was the time when I used to explore the internet, thanks to my curiosity, and I learnt a lot of things. Following are some skills that can help you survive during recession:

  • Animation and photography
  • Photo and video editing
  • Graphic designing
  • Coding and web design
  • Typography
  • Online selling
  • Sales and marketing

The best way to earn a huge income is by selling a product or service and then creating a business around that. The best thing about selling a product or service is that there will always be the need for it, there will always be the need for advertising and packaging! This means that the need for these skills will always remain the same even if the medium changes.

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Tips to turn your income into a high paying one!

Earning a 6-figure income is like a dream come true! It helps you achieve lots of things which are otherwise impossible. Also, it is imperative that when you start earning a high-income, you must utilize it in the best way. You can do this by learning what does a 6-figure salary get you. Now let’s have a look at some practical career-based tips that will help you produce a 6-figure income. 

1. Get yourself a ‘Super’ employer

Confused as to what is a super employer? There are different types of employers according to the benefits they offer to you, and they can also contribute to your path towards a 6-figure income. Some employers will just provide salary and holiday while others will offer pension, health cover, bonuses, and extra holidays. A super employer will offer all of these along with ‘equity/share’. Now ask yourself what does your employer offer?

2. Keep on switching jobs every 2 to 4 years

This point might be a bit surprising for you! Why would anyone move jobs so frequently? Let me explain this to you in simple words; The marketplace is evolving continuously and the value of your skill set is also changing. I always loved risk-taking, that’s why I kept switching my jobs, and the good thing is that I was always paid more than my previous job and also moved up in rank. Whenever I moved to another job, I demanded a £12 k to £15 k increase in pay. 

3. Run a side business/job

If you’re someone who wants to hit a 6-figure income, doing so can be a bit challenging with just one job. By doing a side hustle, you’re keeping yourself on the safe side in case something happens to your main business or job. This way you diversify your income and also provide yourself a side interest based on your skill sets. 

There are various ways to start a side hustle- a tip is to go for those activities that don’t consume much of your time or are related to your interests. For example, you can try you can give a chance to your photography skills or pursue freelance writing services.

4. Get employer tuition assistance

While I was working for a company, I did M Phil through the employer tuition assistance program. The program lasted for two years and it cost approximately £50 k; out of which half was paid by my employer. Now this has a lot to do with your income too! Not only do you add a degree to your qualification and learn some things but your market value also increases. 

5. Ask for a deserving raise

Most of the employees don’t ask for a raise because they fear denial. However, the worst that can happen is that you’ll get a no if asked for a raise. There are a number of people who do more than their job requirement without asking for a raise. Throughout my career, there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t asked myself about my income goal- and what proportion of my income goal was coming from the job that I was doing. You should do the same and keep on reminding yourself regarding your income goal and then find ways to reach it. 


Producing a high income takes time and effort but you must believe that it’s possible. Whether you’re a boss or an employee, you must utilize your skills to the fullest and use them where they are appreciated the most. You can increase your earning potential by investing in your current skills and also developing new valuable ones. Your journey to the 6-figure income will become a lot easier if you start loving your work!