Amazon FireStick is a streaming video player which is sold by Amazon. The FireStick is an entry-level product in the Amazon streaming media family. It is shaped as a USB stick and plugs directly into the HDMI port of the TV, and is a full-featured streaming device that turns a TV into a Smart TV. The Amazon FireStick is available in two variants: the basic and an ultra 4k. The only difference between these two variants is that the 4k can stream content in 4k resolution, as the name implies. 

The Amazon FireStick is a go-to device for most Americans if they want to watch on-demand programs. But there is a  miscception thonat the FireStick is a one-time subscription and after buying it, all the content on it is free.

Is Netflix/Hulu Free with Amazon FireStick?

After Samsung released its Samsung TV Plus, Amazon added a lot of free content on its FireStick, but if you want to use Netflix/Hulu on Amazon FireStick, it is not free. As Netflix/Hulu are separate services and are not associated with Amazon, they have a fixed monthly or yearly subscription, after which the services can be used on Amazon FireStick. 

Can Netflix/Hulu be put on Amazon FireStick?

Netflix and Hulu are both present on the Amazon FireStick’s Appstore and can be downloaded from there. Both Netflix and Hulu will work on your FireStick if they are available in your country and you have purchased the respective subscription. Netflix is available in many different countries, but Amazon is still expanding, so it may take some time for Amazon to reach your country for you to avail its services. 

IDoes Amazon Prime provide Free NetFlix/Hulu?

Amazon and Netflix/Hulu are two different companies; therefore, it is never going to be possible for either of them to be free with the purchase of the other one. To use Netflix on Amazon Prime, you will a Netflix subscription plan of $8.99 which is the basic package, while $17.99 for a premium Netflix Subscription. While Netflix Subscription is paid, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you get access to Amazon Prime Video. Which is a similar app to Netflix and offers a large collection of movies and series to watch. 

Is Netflix/Hulu Free on Jailbroken Amazon FireStick?

As discussed earlier, Netflix/Hulu is a separate company, and to use them, one must have a valid subscription. But if you have a jailbroken FireStick, there are many other apps available online which contain the same content as NetFlix/Hulu, and you can install them using APK’s to watch the content of your choice. 

Netflix/Hulu are also present on the jailbroken FireStick, but to use them, you will still need to buy an authentic subscription, as discussed above. 

How to JailBreak FireStick to Watch Netflix/Hulu for Free

A simple way to JailBreak FireStick is as follows:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Amazon FireStick and Enable “ Apps from Unknown Sources.” This option is present in the “Developer Options” in the Firestick Settings menu. 
  1. Download the app called “ Downloader” from the Amazon Store. This application allows you to download any app on your firestick even if it is not present on the Amazon Store. 
  1. Once the app is downloaded, start downloading other applications that contain the content you are looking to watch. 
  1. One such app is “Kodi,” which has a lot of free content which resembles Netflix/Hulu, and you can use it instead. Download “Kodi” from the latest URL found on the browser search. 
  1. Once “Kodi” is downloaded, open it and enjoy the world of unlimited free content. 

Is Netflix/Hulu Cheaper Through Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has its own streaming service, which comes free with the subscription. It doesn’t provide Netflix/Hulu subscriptions as they are two different companies having two different individual services. Until one of the companies buys the other one, getting one subscription free with the other one can never be possible. But having an Amazon Prime subscription has its own perks by getting access to all the content provided by Amazon. 

How can Netflix/Hulu be Unlocked on Amazon FireStick?

Open your Amazon Firestick and tap on Netflix to launch it. If you are using a VPN to access Netflix, watch if the app starts. If that does not happen, restart your Netflix app but don’t reboot your VPN service. If the issue still persists, reopen your Amazon FireStick, tap on your VPN and select the location you want to access Netflix on and then launch Netflix. By using this method, your Netflix/Hulu app will start working again.

Can Movies on Netflix/Hulu be accessed for Free using Amazon FireStick?

Movies that are present on Netflix/Hulu can not be accessed on Amazon Firestick until or unless you have purchased a valid subscription to the said apps. But there is a way to watch movies that are present on Netflix/Hulu by using third-party apps such as:

  1. Showbox- This is by far the most popular app available on the market, thanks to its smooth UI and easy navigation.
  1. Tubi TV
  1. Vudu
  1. Kodi
  1. CotoMovies
  1. Popcorn Time
  1. Sony Crackle
  1. Freelix HQ

These are some of the best apps out there to watch free content and movies available on Netflix but can be accessed for free. 


Netflix and Hulu are the two most popular streaming applications available as they are also producing original content on their platformss. But the problem with it is that many people who do afford to buy an Amazon FireStick cannot manage to buy subscriptions for two other independent applications as that becomes too costly. To counter that issue, Amazon FireStick provides access to other APK’s through which customers are able to watch their favorite movies and seasons for free without having to buy extra subscriptions. But be cautious when downloading “ Third-party apps” from the internet, as these apps can be harmful and may end up corrupting your device. Be sure to follow the most trusted apps such as  “Kodi” which is the most trusted. Look up the reviews of people who have used the app, and according to that, select the best application from the list provided above to enjoy your favorite and best movies and series present on Netflix and Hulu for free. 

As Netflix/Hulu are services from a different company than Amazon so they are not compatible with each other, and do not provide free subscriptions with the purchase of each other.