If you have entered the wrong pin at the ATM three times, they will not give your card back. If you have entered the wrong pin in-store, the card will be blocked.

This happens to everyone. You need to know what you should do when you have blocked your card, or when it doesn’t return to you from the ATM. You should not report the card as stolen or you should not damage the card in any way. You should just follow a couple of steps to get your card back to being usable.


The new Sassa payment card

Many people don’t have their new Sassa payment card yet. And, this is mostly because they don’t know what the card is all about. This is more than just another card that says that you are a Sassa member.

  • The new Sassa payment card can be used at ATMs in-stores and as a visa card.
  • It is issued by the Social security agency or also known as Sassa.
  • It doesn’t matter what grants you quality, you can apply for the card
  • Normal banking fees will apply when you are using the card
  • It is making it easier to get access to your monthly payments. No need to stand in queues anymore
  • You will get a unique number that you need to remember.

Trying the wrong pin more than three times

This is something that can happen to anyone. Trying to insert the wrong pin. Before you realize it, you have tried three times and now your card is blocked. Or, the ATM has taken the card, and not given it back. What should you do?

  • Your card will be blocked when you used the card at stores. You will not be able to use the card to pay for your goods.
  • Withdrawing from an ATM and using the wrong pin will result in the ATM not giving your card back.

The reason for this is to ensure that no one can steal a Sassa card from another person and use it. This is for your protection, so you need to make sure that you remember your pin. But, don’t write it down anywhere, because then thieves can withdraw money without any problems.

Getting the card unblocked after you entered the wrong pin

Your card is blocked or wasn’t returned to you after using the ATM with the wrong pin. What should you do to get it unblocked again?

You should call the Sassa office at 0800 600 160 if you aren’t near a Sassa office. However, if you are situated near a Sassa office, it’s best to visit them. You should not destroy or damage your card in any way. Otherwise, you will need to pay the replacement fees for the card.

  • The Sassa office can easily unblock your card if you told them you have used the wrong pin. With a couple of security questions asked by them, they will be able to unblock the card for you.
  • If you don’t have other money with you, you will need to get the card unblocked as soon as possible. They will collect your card from the ATM and you will need to verify and prove that the card is yours.

When you don’t get money from the ATM, with the right pin entered

Sometimes you don’t have trouble with the wrong pin. But, the bank doesn’t want to give you the money that is left in the bank account. What should you do to get the money withdrawn?

  • The first option is to try using another bank. Get a balance to make sure that you still have money left in the account. Remember that you are paying fees by using the Sassa card. You need to make sure that you still have money after all the fees.
  • It might be the ATM that has a fault on, not your card.
  • If another bank ATM can’t assist as well, you will need to get in contact with the Sassa office. You can phone them at 0800 600 160.
  • You can also visit the nearest Sassa office to see where the problem might lie. One thing that you need to remember is that you might have a damaged card that isn’t working anymore.

When your card has been stolen

You didn’t insert the wrong pin when you used your card. But your Sassa payment card has been stolen. What should you do to get it replaced as soon as possible?

  • You will need to phone the Sassa office immediately. Or, visit the Sassa office if it’s possible.
  • You need to prevent other people from using your card and your money, so stopping your card is essential.
  • Then, you should report the card stolen at the police station. You need to give the case number to Sassa to prove that the card was stolen
  • Sassa will replace your card. A fee might be payable if you already had a replacement card.

Not withdrawing your money for three months

Did you know that you need to withdraw your money at least once every three months? If you don’t withdraw your money for three months in a row, you are going to lose the money within the account. This is why most people recommend that you need to withdraw your money after the grant was paid.

Then, you will not have any problems losing the money in your account. And, you can then store it in a safe place if you don’t want to use all of the money once.


When you entered the wrong pin three times, your Sassa card will be blocked. Or, by trying the transaction at an ATM, the machine will confiscate your card. Then, you will need to contact the nearest Sassa office for assistance. There is no need to damage the card. You will be able to get a new card, but with a new pin. A pin, that you should remember again to prevent wrong pin entering.