A question that hundreds of people have. What is their Sassa SRD grant application status is. And, why they still might be pending, or they don’t get their info online.

With the Sassa grant applications that opened in August 2021 again, many people have applied for the grant. And, now they are struggling to get their status. Most people are trying to check their status on a monthly basis because this grant is reassessed each month. Here is everything you need to know about your grant application status.

Official Sassa workers, especially those working with the website have asked this to applicants. Not to check their Sassa SRD grant application status online. There are too many people on the site and this causes the site to crash.

Meaning that people that need to apply for their grant can’t access the website. Many other methods can be used in order for you to check your application status. The website should only be used in case of any inquiries or when applying for any other grants.

Other methods that you can use to check application status

Even if you are asked not to use the official Sassa website for checking your application status, there are many other ways that you can get your status. The SRD Sassa website and official Sassa website should be avoided. These are the other methods that you can use for getting your Sassa SRD grant status.

  • You can call the Sassa helpline for your status. The helpline is very busy, so you just need to be patient while waiting for your turn.  The number you can call is 0800 60 10 11
  • You can make use of WhatsApp as well. Add 082 0468553 to your contacts. Send a message to the number with the word status.
  • You can visit the nearest Pay point for Sassa R350 grants. They will be able to assist you there as well.

Reasons why your SRD grant application is still pending

Now that you have checked your SRD Sassa grant status, you might find that your status is still pending. This is more than 48 hours since you applied, and still, you can’t see if you are approved or not. Here are some of the reasons why you might still have a pending Sassa application.

  • They didn’t get to your application yet. There are thousands of people applying and yours is still waiting to be attended to.
  • Some documents are missing from your application. You should contact them and send the right documents through.
  • You might have asked for bank deposit payments. But, your banking information is wrong, outstanding, or not in your own name.
  • The cellphone that you registered with them isn’t Rica in your own name. Then your application can’t be approved or attended to either.

When your application is declined

When your application for the Sassa SRD grant is declined, they will normally give the reason as well. When you think that this wasn’t a fair decision, you can appeal to the decision, and reapply for your grant. But, if you don’t qualify and don’t meet the requirements, there is nothing you can do about it.

What happens next when your Sassa SRD grant application is approved

Your Sassa SRD grant application is approved. Now what? You should wait for your SMS notification that your application is approved and the first date that you can collect your payment. If you don’t receive your notification for collection, then you should wait till you do.

The pay points can’t assist you if you weren’t contacted with a date. If you don’t get a date within a month, you need to contact the Sassa helpline for assistance.

This is the complete guide about the status of your Sassa SRD grant application. The things you need to do to get approved, the places where you can get your Sassa status. At the moment no one should go to the official Sassa website for a status check. There are too many people using this method, and the system is crashing.