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An oven is such an appliance which is present in every house nowadays and is an important part of the household items. But have you ever thought about all the symbols present on the Oven and what do they mean? The majority of the people seem to think that an oven performs just one task, Baking! Ovens have the ability to do a lot more than that and make life easy with the functions they can provide.

The Earliest ovens date back to 29, 000 BC and were found in Central Europe. Ovens were used by the cultures that lived in the Indus valley and the pre-dynasty Egypt. Ovens had two major functions back then, one was to make bricks while the main function was to cook and warm food. 

Here is our list of oven symbols and their functionalities…

You must have seen many options are present on the oven and are shown on the front of the panel. We have compiled the functions together and put them here for you so that you get to know the proper way to use these functions and why maintaining oven health can be beneficial for you and your food in the longer run. Here we will discuss fifteen of the functions that the oven can perform and the correct way to perform them. 


  1. Fan Oven  

This is the standard setting on many electric fan-assisted ovens. It is used to warm the food or for basic cooking tasks. The picture has a fan inside a circle. The circulation of the heat from the fan is balanced and the heat reaches every corner of the oven thus it doesn’t matter where the food is placed, it will be heated perfectly always.

2. Circo-Roasting/Grill

 This symbol shows a jagged line above the fan. Using a grill with the fan on is an ideal situation where gentle roasting is needed as the fan circulates the hot air everywhere in the oven and keeps it warm from all sides. This feature is also superb as the switch is automated and turns on and off automatically so the food is not over-dried.  


3. Bottom Heat

A single line at the bottom of the symbol shows that the oven has bottom heat. The lower or bottom heat symbol is used for gentle and slow cooking of casserole or stew-typed dishes. It can also be used for re-heating or crisping

4. Pizza Symbol (Fan with bottom Heat)

Looking for the best setting to bake your pizza? By combining the bottom or lower heat with the fan it can be made sure that the pizza base crisps up nicely without being over-cooked or burning the toppings.  This function on the oven is also used for baking pastry dishes so they remain moist. 

5. Dough proofing Symbol

The dough proofing symbol shows a dish with dough rising from it. While fermenting the dough, the oven is quicker than leaving the dough at room temperature. This special setting won’t let the surface of the dough dry out. 

6. Plate warming/ Pre-Heating Symbol

This symbol shows two or three stacked plates being warmed up and this is a great option to warm your plates or to get them pre-heated for the guests to enjoy the full flavor of the food. 

7. Top and Bottom Heat

This symbol shows two lines at the top and bottom of the symbol. The fan doesn’t get used in this setting. This function is ideal for roasting or for baking items like pastries, scones, or biscuits on a tray. 

8. Center Surface Grill

This symbol is a single jagged line representing a grill and is used to grill a small amount of food. It is important that the food is present directly under the hot grill area. This Function can be used to grill toasts, melt cheese, or toast marshmallows.

9.  Full Surface Grill

The symbol is shown by two rows of jagged lines and this function is usually used to grill steaks and sausages. Basically, the food that can cover the whole grill area is used in this function to utilize it fully. 

10.   Grill with Fan

This symbol shows a jagged line above a fan. This function is a great way to grill gently as the fan circulates the heat around inside the oven. This function is ideal for thicker items where there is a risk of the top burning. 

11.  Defrosting Symbol

This symbol shows a frost above a water droplet and as the name suggests this function in an oven is used to safely defrost frozen foods quickly.

12.   Interior oven light

This function has a symbol showing a self-explanatory light bulb and is great for checking the progress of the food without the need to open the oven door. 

13.  Reheating

This function has a symbol showing a dish with heat rising from it. As the name suggests this function is great for keeping the food warm without overcooking it.

14. Pyrolytic self-cleaning

The symbol shows three sets of three arrows or dots. There are a lot of ovens that come now with high-temperature pyrolytic cleaning. This function heats up the oven to around 500°C which has the effect of incinerating burnt-on cooking grime. After that, the oven has just to be wiped off the ashes that are left behind.

15.  Alarm

The symbol as the name suggests has a bell present and the function does as the name says. Set the alarm for your chosen time and the oven will alert you by buzzing or beeping when it is time to check when the food is cooked or ready. 

This ends our list of fifteen simple oven symbols and functions that can make your life very easy and can save a lot of time. Each symbol carries with itself an explanation of the function to recognize what the symbols actually mean and how to utilize them in the best way possible.