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We have all been through it: a poisonous workplace that threatens to tear your self-esteem. Or the injustices, bullying, and inequalities that rip you down from the inside out. Know that you are not alone if you can connect to the latter concerns. Every other individual is subjected to everyday work pressure and takes job strains at home, which only serves to distort and disorient their personal lives. Private firms frequently put their employees under such much stress that it has terrible implications in their lives. In fact, some experts claim that working in a stressful environment is the fifth leading cause of death in America.

In a nutshell, if you are a dissatisfied or demotivated employee who has been completely broken by a lack of work-life balance and counterproductive employee benefits, you have come to the correct spot. Of course, perfection is impossible to achieve, but getting near is certainly a possibility. The majority of businesses are unaware that a satisfied employee leads to increased production. Instead, they focus on meeting targets by pressuring staff, which only results in a high turnover rate, reduced productivity, lower retention rates,, and demotivated employees.

On the contrary, there are a few industrial giants that understand the importance of investment in employee satisfaction. They know that the more they care for their workforce, the merrier the results will be. One of such businesses is commonly known as GE.

What is GE?

Alight at the end of the tunnel. GE actually claims to bring forth a solution to all the aforementioned issues. The General Electric Company (GE) is an American high-tech multinational giant formed over 125 years ago in New York(1892) by J.P Morgan. It is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with its main office still based in New York. Currently, an industry leader in Aviation, Power, Renewable Energy and Healthcare. Recently, it has also added services related to Additive Manufacturing, Data Science, and Data Analytics to its already bulging bucket of achievements.

In 2020, GE had about 205 000 employees worldwide and it currently unfalteringly operates in 170 countries across various cities. Lately, this industry titan has also ranked as the 33rd biggest company in America in the Fortune 500. As of now, H. Lawrence (Larry) Culp, Jr., is GE’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

What is GE’s stance on workforce and productivity?

General Electric Company’s purpose is essentially to rise to the challenge of building a world that works. And it deployed the same ideology in the selection, training, and retention of its workforce as well. The company acknowledges that its workforce is the most valuable asset and the driving force behind the company’s acceleration. It completely understands that machines alone can achieve nothing unless the hands behind the machines are healthy and happy. For this reason, it strictly adheres to policies targeted towards motivating employees and frequently rewarding them for their hard work and sheer determination. 

Apart from the enticing payscales and perks, the company offers an outstanding work-life balance and job security which significantly diminish work stress and the resulting personal life challenges.

What are GE employee benefits?

On the same note, GE does not simply acknowledge the importance of investment in employee satisfaction but also implements the knowledge into its HR policies. The company unfalteringly ranks amongst the Top 10% amongst its competitors in terms of Employee retention. In fact, it boasts a first place in the list. 

It is not difficult to understand why. Read on.

First and foremost, we look into the compensation package. GE understand the pressures of supporting a family and therefore offers a package after a holistic consideration of the family and personal needs of an individual. The package includes:

  • A competitive salary
  • Performance-backed increments
  • Impact rewards

Also, GE encourages a healthy lifestyle and balanced work and personal lives. In this regard, the company pays particular attention to the individual personal needs and talent enhancement requirements and offers the following accordingly:

  • Healthier lifestyle achievement programs
  • Parental leaves
  • Global workforce support programs
  • Flexible working hours and arrangements

Ultimately, every employee’s fundamental desire is to grow in their career and hold better positions. To help accomplish this desire, GE offers various opportunities for continued on-job coaching and improvement through:

  • Career internships
  • Rotational leadership programs
  • Executive training
  • Manufacturing skill coaching
  • Professional networking

Amazing right? But this is just the trailer; let us have a more comprehensive look into GE benefits.

An in-depth glance into GE employee benefits

Here is a comprehensive look into what you may expect as a GE employee.

  • Health Insurance

The GE company offers its employees and their dependents all-inclusive Health coverage through a flexible health insurance plan (hospitalization) with a floater coverage option. This is done in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

  • GE’s 401(K) Plan

You can save for the future through GE’s 8% match on your Roth Contributions.

  • Vision Insurance

This benefit covers all your sight-related needs and medications and even provides free contact lenses and glasses annually.

  • Dental Insurance

Apart from adult braces, GE’s dental insurance will completely cover all your dental needs.

  • GE’s retirement benefits & Plan

Perhaps the most enticing benefit is GE’s competitive and presumably the best retirement plan in the industry. In fact, you may even request encashment of the benefit if you leave the services of GE before retirement.

  • Charitable Matching Gift

Do you love to give back to the community? GE offers a 100% matching of up to $5000 a year. 

  • Accidental Death plus Dismemberment Insurance

To cover up for accidental death and disabilities, GE offers its employees and their dependents to choose an income protection cover. In case any accident occurs, the eligible party shall receive 2.5 times the salary of the employee.

  • Parental Leave

Having a newborn and coping with the stress of the accompanying circumstances are tough for both parents. To help out the parents, GE offers 4-week maternity leave prior to birth, 6-week maternity preceding birth and 4-week paternity leave after birth. 

  • Remote Work Opportunity

And if the leave is not sufficient, you may also work from home if you prefer to do so. GE allows you to work from home at your convenience.

  • Fertility & Adoption Support

You can also expect adoption benefits and fertility assistance up to $30 000 from the day you join GE. 

  • Vacation Leave

Continous work may make an employee fed up and unproductive. Hence, GE offers a straight 3-week vacation leave. Yes, that’s right, 3 weeks!

  • Volunteer Leave

You also receive a week off for any volunteering work you undertake.

  • Stock-Purchase Programs

For the sole benefit of its employees, the company offers stocks at prices profusely lower than the market value with a 24-month offering period.

  • Profit-Sharing Plans

With differing payout levels and amounts, you will also be eligible for profit-sharing programs.

  • Employee Discounts

As a GE employee, you will also enjoy the privilege of not only receiving discounts on GE products but also on non-GE products and services such as travel and recreation.

  • Mental & emotional Support

Apart frsupportmedical support, GE also offers to assist its employees with any mental and emotional support they may require. 

  • Gym membership

For optimum productivity, a collaboration between a healthy body and mind is required. Thus, GE also provides you with a free gym membership.

  • Tuition Assistance 

If you haven’t completed your undergraduate studies, then GE wil also assist you with that. From application to textbook expenses, everything will be covered. You may receive upto $50 000 per year.

The application process is also simple. You may apply for the job offerings electronically and become a part of this great organization.

Summing up, General electronics is the best place to work as it offers variety of employee benefits to all its employees. Of course, the type of benefits will vary according to your designation but basically the company takes good care of all its members.