The FNB easy account is known as a checking account that can be used for daily transactions. This is a great option if you are looking for an account where you use on a daily basis, without spending too much on fees.

There are many different types of FNB easy accounts that you can choose from. This is for people that are earning between R1000 and R7000 per month and that are over the age of 18 years. These are all the information that you need to know about the FNB easy account.

More about the FNB easy account

Before you can apply for the FNB easy account, you need to know everything there is to know about the account. These are the essential information to know so that you can decide if this is something you want to consider or not.

  • It’s a first-tier account for people earning between R1,000 and R7,000 per month
  • Need to be over the age of 18 years
  • Monthly fees will be anything between R0,00 and R65,00
  • Great account for daily use
  • Different account types to choose from

Different types of Easy accounts from FNB

Really important information that you need to know, is that there are different types of FNB easy accounts. And, you need to know these types of accounts, before you can apply for anyone.

  • FNB Pay as you use. This type of account features low cash and cash at till withdrawal costs. You only pay a fee for each transaction. The monthly charge is R4, 95 and you will be billed for transactions used. This is great for people that aren’t using their accounts on a regular basis.
  • FNB Zero monthly fee account. This is a no-fee bank account. You don’t pay any monthly fees. This is an account that is designed for students. Users can also buy data and airtime for free from the FNB app. This comes with a savings account and high interest rates.
  • FNB easy account smart. This is the same as the FNB Zero monthly fee account. Also offering a savings account with great interest. This is a student, oriented account.

What are these FNB easy accounts have to offer?

It is important to know what these accounts from FNB have to offer. These are basically the benefits that you will enjoy when you open an FNB easy account.

  • Fast loans. You will have easy access to loans if you have an easy account. These loans are approved minutes after you applied for the loan. You can apply for the loan on the FNB app, without the need to provide any documents.
  • Funeral plan. With the easy account, you can obtain a funeral plan using the FNB easy account. You can get benefits for you and your spouse of about R400, 000. Claims are processed quickly and payments will be done 24 hours after documents were submitted.
  • Free savings account. With each Easy account, you will get a free savings account. The savings account is only accessible through the App and has a competitive interest rate that is making saving money better.
  • The FNB app and internet banking are free. You don’t need to pay anything when you are using the FNB App or internet banking for your FNB easy account.

Fees and other information you need to know

When you are considering opening an FNB easy account, you need to know the fees that you are going to pay. This is the only way to make sure that you are choosing the right option and that you are going to save on your banking fees.  These are all the fees that you will pay with the easy accounts.

  • Monthly account fee: For a smart account the fee is R59, and for pay, as you earn it’s R4,95
  • ATM withdrawal fee: Smart account is R1, 90 for every R100. Pay as you earn it will be R6 per every R1000
  • Till withdrawal fee: Smart account and pay as you earn account is R1,00
  • Withdrawal from other bank ATM fees: R9,50 and R1,9 for each R100 from the smart account. R10 per R1000 for pay as you earn an account.
  • Cash deposit at FNB ATM fees: R0,00 for a smart account. R1,00 per R100 for the pay as you earn account
  • Internal debit order fee: R0,00 for a smart account. R2,50 for the pay as you earn account
  • External debit order fee: R8,00 for a smart account and R3,50 for pay as you earn an account.

Advantages and disadvantages of FNB easy account

These are the most important advantages and disadvantages of getting one of the FNB easy accounts. This will decide to apply for this account a lot easier.


  • You will receive the free transfer and scheduled transfers online
  • Get free FNB to connect airtime purchases
  • You can easily upgrade to the gold account
  • No charge on debit order stop when using the internet or mobile app
  • The easy account is an R0,00 fee account


  • You will be charged R8,50 for every unsuccessful transaction
  • Large charges for getting a balance inquiry if assisted by FNB consultant
  • Additional fees for bank statements
  • There are charges that you need to pay when linked account transfers, where you need the assistance of a consultant.

How to apply for the FNB easy account

It is easy to apply for the FNB easy account. You just need to have a South African ID, and you can start the application online. When you are using the app, you just need to log in and go to the “the apply now” option.

FNB Easy Account – Promotion – FNB

FNB easy account is a great option if you are looking for an account for everyday use. Making it easier to do your daily banking without paying too much banking fees. This review is making sure that you know everything there is to know about the easy account and the different accounts that you can apply for.