You forgot your Sassa card pin, or you suspect that someone else’s knows your pin. What should you do to get your money out of your Sassa card?

If you can’t remember your pin number, you can’t use the card where a pin is required. You can’t get a new pin by just phoning the Sassa office. And, you need to make sure that you always keep your pin safe so that no one else can get it. The Sassa card pin is just as important as a normal bank card pin. It needs to stay private and you need to always remember it.

When you forgot your Sassa card pin

There isn’t much that you can do when you forgot your Sassa card pin.

  • This isn’t the same as a bank card pin where you can change it on your profile. It is much harder to change your pin on your Sassa card if you forgot it.
  • You should also not try using the card if you don’t know the pin. If you are trying too many times, you will block your card, and then you can’t use it in any way.
  • This is why you need to choose a pin number that you always will remember. But that is hard enough for other people not to figure the pin, out.

Someone else is trying to use my Sassa card pin

Is there something you can do when someone else is trying to use your Sassa card pin? Meaning that someone has stolen your card and is now trying to figure out the card pin.

If your card was stolen, you should have reported it to prevent this from happening. But, you can visit the nearest Sassa office to reset your profile and to create a new password.

It is your responsibility to keep your card and number safe. And, to report it when someone has taken or stolen your card without your permission.

Resetting your personal Identification number to create a new pin

This is the only way that you can reset your Sassa card pin for you to use your card again. With this, there are a couple of things you need to remember.

  • You will need to visit the Sassa office for resetting your Personal identification number. Meaning that they are actually resetting your profile to get a new pin number.
  • Don’t store your pin anywhere. So that someone can get hold of your card and pin at the same time. This will cause you to lose the money on your Sassa card.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your card and pin safely. And, you can’t hold the Sassa office responsible for money that was stolen out of your account because your card and number were stolen.
  • There is no reason to report the number change to Sassa. Except if the card were stolen. Then they need to block the card from being used.

When you need to report it to Sassa offices

When should you report losing the Sassa card pin to the Sassa offices?

  • The moment that you realize that your Sassa card has been stolen and they trying to use your card.
  • When you forget your pin and block your card. Then, you will need to get the card unblocked or you need to apply for a new one.
  • If there are any activities on your card that you didn’t do. Meaning that someone already has access to your card and pin.

Receiving an Sms to update banking details from Sassa offices

Another form of fraud that happens to Sassa card pin and accounts is that the person receives an sms that you need to update your banking details for the Sassa offices. But, that you don’t need to visit the offices, you can just do it online or by replying to the message. This is what you need to know about it.

  • If Sassa needs to update your banking details, they will phone you and ask you to come to the nearest office. No banking information will be done over the phone.
  • This is normally not Sassa that requests this. Generally, Sassa will not ask to change or update your banking details on your Sassa card pin. This is the first sign that you might be scammed.
  • You never give any banking information to a Sassa agent, if you aren’t physically at the Sassa office. No matter how frustrating it might be to wait for assistance at the Sassa office.

Reasons why you can’t use another person’s phone or bank account for your Sassa payments

One of the rules and regulations of Sassa is that you aren’t allowed to use another person’s phone or bank account for your Sassa payments. That you need to have your own Sassa card pin that belongs to your bank account. There are a couple of reasons for it.

  • You will get notifications on your phone for your next Sassa payment. And, they are using the number that is associated with your name and surname. If you don’t use your number, you will not get the right information and notifications on your phone.
  • Using someone else’s bank isn’t allowed either. This is mostly because then you won’t have access to your money. You will need to wait for the bank account owner to give you the money. No matter how much you trust the person, you might not get everything that was paid to you.
  • Only one payment will be made in a bank account. If you and the other person are using the same bank account, one of you will not get paid. They are only making one payment into one account.

Once you have forgotten your Sassa card pin, you will need to use the card only when you don’t require entering a password. This can be frustrating for everyone. If someone else tried using your pin or your pin has been stolen, you will need to report it to the nearest Sassa office. Or, you need to call the Sassa call center.