Corruption is everywhere. And, there isn’t an institution where you won’t find any form of corruption. This is also a regular thing with Sassa payouts. This can be done by Sassa officials or the public that is trying to get more money that is allowed.

If you are getting any grants you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about corruption. To know if you should report any fraud or corruption, you know about, and what you should do when your Sassa card has been stolen or was misplaced. This is some valuable information about the corruption that is happening at Sassa at the moment. This is something we all need to know.

Yes, there are people doing crime with the money that people actually need from Sassa payouts

For starters, if you think that there aren’t people that are stealing money from poor people, then you need to think again. You will be surprised about how easily criminals are doing crime with Sassa cards and payments.

Sassa officials, recipients, and other criminals are all targeting the grants. Stealing the money from people that need it most. Cards are cloned and used as if they are the recipient of the grant. People are still collecting grant payments, even if the real recipient is diseased. And, people going to Post Offices and robbed the place before Sassa payouts could be done.

Different types of corruption that are going on at the moment

Not only is this interesting to see the different types of corruption being done with Sassa payouts, but it is also essential to know. To ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of these scams. If you are considering fraud with Sassa, you need to rethink the idea. There are already many people arrested because of the Sassa scams. These are the last couple of crimes done with the grant payments.

  • Over 2 400 cases were reported during the 2020/21 financial year just for grant fraud. This includes everything from stealing Sassa cards to cloning cards.
  • More than 18 people were arrested for a scam that include disability fraud. They were all involved together in the same case. This happened in February 2021.
  • There are also officials arrested because of fraud. People declining grants, but actually taking the grand for themselves. Preventing people that really need the money from receiving it.
  • Even with the Sassa SRD grant, there were numerous reports of fraud and corruption reported. People that try to lie in order to receive the SRD grant payments.

When you realize that your Sassa payouts might be hacked

If you find that your Sassa account might be hacked, you need to act very fast. The sooner your account is blocked, the less severe your loss will be. Maybe you lost your card, or your pin number doesn’t work anymore. Or, you realize that there was activity on slot gacor card that you didn’t do yourself.

The very first thing that you need to do is to call the Sassa helpline.  They will stop your card immediately and freeze any transactions made from the card. If you lost your card or it was taken from you, you will also need to phone the Sassa office immediately. You will not lose your Sassa payments; they will give you a new card to use.

Knowing off someone that is doing fraud with Sassa

Did you know that if you know about someone doing fraud with Sassa payouts, you can get into trouble yourself? That you will get in serious trouble because you withheld information that could prevent this from happening?

This is why you need to phone the crime line when you know anything about Sassa fraud. It doesn’t matter how big or small the fraud might be. It is important to do your bit to prevent corruption from happening. Next time the crime might be against you, and then you will regret not reporting it. Most of the reports that you can make are kept anonymous. So, no one will know that it was actually you reporting the corruption or fraud.

Don’t become a victim of Sassa fraud

Don’t become a victim of Sassa fraud. You should always keep your card with you, not letting anyone keep the card for you. Not even if you owe someone money and they want you to give your card to them. Keep your card safe and make sure that you don’t place the card somewhere where it can be cloned.

If you suspect that your card was cloned or that it is stolen, it needs to be reported immediately. The sooner you report it, the less severe the damage will be.

SASSA declares war on corruption | Vuk’uzenzele (

You might not know this, or realize how serious this is. But many people are stealing the money of Sassa payments. Stealing money from those who need it most. With all this information we will make it easier to know why you need to report any corruption and fraud from Sassa grants.